A data breach at the payday loan firm Wonga could affect 270,000 of the company's former and current customers. Wonga has warned that personal data may have been stolen as a result of the breach, putting personal information from customers in the UK and Poland at risk.

Some 245,000 of Wonga's UK customers are at risk due to the breach, but the firm will not disclose where this took place. The company was aware of the incident last week, but it wasn't until Friday (March 7th) that it realised customers' data could be accessed externally. 

Upon realising the extent of the breach, Wonga informed the authorities, including the police, Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Wonga was not obligated to inform the ICO, which regulates companies' use and storage of personal data, of the breach, but did so anyway.

It began contacting past and current customers on Saturday (March 8th) to inform them of the possibility that their data might have been accessed by external sources. 

A message was sent to customers who were thought to have been affected detailing that information including names, email addresses, home addresses, the last four digits of card numbers and phone numbers may have been breached. People's bank account numbers and sort codes may also have been accessed. 

It is not thought that accounts and passwords for the Wonga site have been breached, but the above data breaches could have a large impact on customers. 

Wonga said in a statement that it is now working closely with the authorities to deal with the issue and is informing all of its customers who may have been affected by the incident. No information regarding the breach is currently displayed on Wonga's website, which is operating as usual.

Customers are also taking to social media to try and get information from the company after finding it difficult to access their online accounts in order to change their information. 

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