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Wildix for Enterprise

Wildix is for fast-moving, agile, flexible, value-seeking, enterprise companies. It gives you a single web interface, making it ideal for offering your audience omnichannel communication. Plus it saves 25%+ time on your daily operations. Positioned in the Magic Quadrant by Gartner, find out why it’s the recommended all-in-one solution for staff and contact centre customers.


 With a proven pedigree, Arrow has been providing telecommunication services to enterprise-sized businesses for over 25 years. 

 As a Platinum Partner with thousands of seats being supported, Arrow is one of the fasting-growing Wildix Partners globally.  Our fully accredited and experienced in-house engineering, training and support teams regularly deliver and support large multi-site projects, including international deployments. 

 Arrow manages Wildix for you in Amazon Web Services. This ensures the latest features and security updates are immediately rolled out to your business. You also get to leverage the quality of service and resilience of the world’s leading cloud platform. 

Wildix works directly from your browser on any device and includes collaboration tools such as chat, video conferencing, file sharing and a long list of integrated contact centre functions.

Like Arrow, Wildix has a proven history of improving customer service delivery, sales productivity and employee engagement.

The Wildix solution is hosted on AWS, uses a native encryption system, with no separate SBCs or VPNs. This provides the high levels of resilience and security demanded by the UK’s leading companies.

100+ enterprise PBX features to boost your productivity

Wildix provides the Enterprise PBX Phone functionality you would expect, plus 100+ additional features. With HD audio and video, your system gains significant clarity to both internal and external communications.

The strength of the feature list is why Wildix is used by 1.8m+ customers, including some European government departments.

Collaboration that brings customers and colleagues together

Wildix brings all your real-time communications tools together in one place: chat, audio calls, video calls, video conferencing and much more. Thanks to Wildix collaboration, colleagues and departments located in different parts of the world can easily work together as a team.

Wildix is WebRTC-based, so it’s easy to integrate your customers into your communications. You can even create links on your website for customers to call you directly from their browser. This can be through audio or video, with no additional charges.

Contact centre functionality built in!

Call centre monitoring and analytics
With x-caracal you can monitor real-time quality of your interactions with customers. It highlights real-time agent and call stats, and gives you a wide range of predefined reports that can be scheduled. Performance alerts can also be sent via email, giving you ongoing insights into your operations.

Call recording as standard
 Wildix comes with 10GB of storage on AWS for your recordings. This gives you around 50,000 minutes of recordings in MP3, depending on the bitrate. GDPR Compliant Call Recording is also available as an optional extra.

Live wallboards
 My Wallboards is an effective tool to improve customer service by giving managers the opportunity to visualise how different areas of the business are performing.

Transform your website into a complete contact centre

With Kite, your website visitors can easily contact your staff. What’s more, it’s on their terms. Chat, audio, video, shared desktop, or even by sending files with just one click. Kite is fully customisable, easy to integrate into your site and is already a fully integrated part of the Wildix platform. User experience is as simple as clicking in a browser.

Your peace of mind with 5-year warranty on all hardware

Wildix provides a complete range of hardware, designed specifically for the platform. Products include personal-use headsets and cameras, desk and video phones, to attendant consoles, on-site PBXs and even conference room systems. All are fully optimised for use with Wildix, and come with 5-year warranties.

About Us

With over 25 years in the business telecoms industry and an unrivalled reputation of delivering excellent, personal customer service, Arrow is one of very few companies in the UK able to provide a full telecoms, IT and energy consultancy and service proposition.

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We’re here to deliver a seamless, stable, reliable experience that your organisation can’t live without. As a Microsoft Gold partner, with our own voice platform and 25 years’ experience in Telecoms and IT services we’re perfectly positioned to do just that.


Are Wildix handsets and headsets available?2021-10-08T09:34:48+00:00

Absolutely. Wildix have a full range of hardware to support every need all covered by a unique 5-year warranty.

How secure is Wildix?2021-10-08T09:35:29+00:00

Wildix is secure-by-design. It does not need SBCs or VPNs. Voice and data are always protected because it’s created with a native encryption system.

How long does Wildix take to deploy?2021-10-08T09:37:02+00:00

Because Wildix is WebRTC-based, it can be deployed very quickly. Collaboration can be available on the same day! As a Platinum partner, Arrow will always work within your timeframes.

What does Wildix integrate with?2021-10-08T09:37:37+00:00

The Wildix solution supports a wide range of integrations. These include Google, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, SAP Business One and numerous other major tech names and programs.

How much is Wildix?2021-10-08T09:38:13+00:00

Wildix comes with a choice of flexible licences and call packages to suit all customers. Of course, your Arrow account manager will help you choose the right solution for your company.

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