Arrow’s experts have extensive experience and a proven track record in installing single and multi-site wireless solutions.

Our solutions range from simple Wi-Fi access installation for small offices through to large complex Wi-Fi access, mesh and point-to-point solutions. Our Wi-Fi solutions are ideal for offices, hospitality, Engineering, Leisure and Health sectors. Arrow can also install external wireless private and guest access mesh networks for events, construction sites.

Slice through the complexity

Our consultants will convert your vision into a tangible, operational and effective network. Our Wi-Fi solutions are maintained to ensure your investment provides high value and productivity through high network availability.  We are able to deliver solutions that work in challenging environments with obstructions and obstacles and we can mitigate interference, to provide maximum coverage and reliable performance.

Office Wi-Fi Solutions

  • Reliable Wi-Fi systems for your private network, with separate guest access for visitors.
  • Deploy business wide private and visitor network
  • Enhance Wi-Fi security
  • Monitor usage
  • Options for tenants
  • Enable VOIP / SIP apps
  • Point to point bridge systems for extended to adjacent buildings for reducing costs for growth and expansion
  • Arrange a Survey

Arrow has the appropriate tools and personnel to provide the ultimate in site-surveying services to your business. Arrow engineers will map out the Wi-Fi network access point positions required to roll out a quality Wi-Fi network.  The survey will also identify any pre-installation work required, such as network cabling and to understand any existing network architecture and provision.

Educational Sector Wi-Fi

We supply and install cost effective reliable wireless technology to the educational sector. Provide reliable and controlled connectivity to mobile devices across the modern campus.

Hotels and Leisure

Wi-Fi systems need to be reliable to keep your guests happy. Wi-Fi provision is essential for guests in order to do business whilst on the road.  The leisure industry is seeking ways to increase revenues and maximise profitability by installing or upgrading unreliable Wi-Fi networks.

Manufacturing, Industrial and Warehousing

Wireless performance in complex environments with racking, plant and moving vehicles can be a huge challenge. Arrow supplies and installs specialist Wi-Fi systems to overcome this challenge. We have the expertise required to make Wi-Fi work in environments filled with interference.