It’s said that every business today is a digital business, and in 2020 and beyond, this will have to be the case because increasingly, every customer is a digital customer. 

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or how big your firm, the way in which consumers interact with businesses is evolving, and new digital channels are coming to the forefront. Therefore, firms need to adapt the communications and experiences they offer in order to meet these demands.

The evolving expectations of customers

One of the biggest challenges for any business right now is the evolving expectations of customers. Today’s users don’t only care about the lowest price or even the highest-quality products – they also want to feel valued as a customer and to have a positive experience when they do business with a company.

In fact, one study by Walker claims that by the end of this year, customer experience will be the number one factor that separates the best-performing businesses from their competitors. This means it’s not an area any business can afford to push down its list of priorities.

But what are customers actually looking for in a good experience? It’s not just knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff or an easy-to-navigate buying process. Much of this will come from the level of service and support on offer.

A good customer experience therefore relies heavily on the contact centre. But this is also a part of the business that’s evolving rapidly. Increasingly, a good contact centre is about much more than just a bank of phones or a web chat function. Today’s contact centre is a connected, digitally-focused part of a business that needs to be given the attention it deserves as the primary driver of customer experience.

To do this, it must be equipped with the latest digital solutions.

The need for a better contact centre

Think about the number of ways customers today can choose from if they want to get in touch with a business. In addition to a phone call or an email, there are live chats, SMS messages, mobile apps, social media channels and more. 

Customers will expect to be able to choose the method that’s most convenient for them, and if a company doesn’t offer this, they will not be left with a positive impression. With competition high, it will be easy for them to turn to a more digitally-savvy competitor.

However, offering the right channels is just the start. If firms really want to give their customer experience a boost, all these channels need to feed into a single connected system that directs consumers quickly to the right person, provides agents with full visibility into a customer’s journey and queries so far, lets users switch between channels at will, and integrates with the tools needed to solve any issues.

Get the contact centre right and there are many rewards to be had. Even if customers originally got in touch in order to register a complaint, a positive experience can ensure they not only remain a customer, but even spread the word to family and friends. This not only boosts your reputation, but also saves you money that would otherwise have been spent on marketing and attracting new customers. 

However, without the right digital tools, you won’t see these results, so it’s important for firms to act quickly to add these solutions to their contact centre in order to meet customer needs and prepare for a more digital future.

Learn more about the impact evolving customer expectations will have on the contact centre in our new white paper.

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