Why Call Centre Monitoring is essential for Business

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Contact Centre monitoring is essential for any business if they are to deliver the best possible customer experience.

The contact centre is one of the most important parts of any business’ customer service activities. This is usually your customers’ first port of call for any questions or problems, and they expect a quality experience.

Indeed, expectations for getting in touch with firms have increased hugely over the past few years. Today’s consumers want to be able to choose the most convenient channel for them and get answers as quickly as possible, without being left on hold while agents find information, or getting passed around various departments until they find someone equipped to help them.

For smaller businesses, having an effective contact centre is even more important. For many customers, one of the benefits of choosing such firms is the promise of a more personal touch, where they can create long-lasting relationships as opposed to just being another number, which may be the case with larger competitors. Therefore, any failures in this area will be even more frustrating.

Why contact centre monitoring is important

Improving the performance of the contact centre is impossible without effective monitoring tools. If you can’t see what’s going on within your communications network, you won’t know where to start fixing it, and the chances are you won’t even be aware of any issues until complaints arrive and you start losing business.

Without monitoring tools, you won’t have a clear idea how many calls are going unanswered or what your wait times are – which can be key indicators that you need to devote more resources to this area. These solutions also give you a much better idea which of your agents are your top performers, based on factors such as the length of calls and the number of issues resolved on first contact.

For small businesses, the consequences of poor performance can be severe. If you only have a handful of agents available at any one time, even small delays or disruptions can have a big impact on your overall efficiency, resulting in dissatisfied customers and lost revenue.

Swift by Arrow – Contact Centre Feature

Swift by Arrow is an All-in-One Cloud Phone that provides users with all the tools they need to gain a complete picture of their contact centre’s performance. At the heart of this is the Swift Call Centre Wallboard feature, which acts as a central location from which you can monitor your agents’ activities.

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This can show you at a glance key performance indicators such as the number of calls taken, time on call and how long customers are kept on hold, among others. All these factors can then be compiled into comprehensive reports that can give you the information in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

You also have the ability to create multiple call groups and add members when required, in order to monitor performance by group or on an individual level.

This gives you all the essential information you need to improve your call centre performance, reallocate resources or initiate training in order to ensure your business is operating as efficiently as possible and customers get the best possible experience.

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