Professional Services

Professional Services

Let us help you to choose the most appropriate and cost effective solution for your business needs today

Do you:

  • Need advice on how best to migrate from a legacy telephone system to a converged IP solution?
  • Know how best to implement a mobile Bring Your Own Device policy?
  • Want a job scheduling application that can be used by your field-based engineering team?

Recent Consultancy Projects have included

A consumer electronics company needed to enable their existing system to support overflow space in their new building.  Arrow recommended a phased migration to a new IP PBX. The solution enabled inter-site dialling, hunt groups, busy lamp field handover, and the client was able to phase the acquisition of new handsets too, thus reducing their capital expenditure.

Developing a policy governing personal use of business mobile devices.  The solution took 3 months to develop and was then tested and deployed over 3 months. The client has been very impressed with the solution and the savings realised as a result of the 15-20% reduction in personal usage that has occurred.

Developing a Bring Your Own Device’ policy which was produced for review within two weeks of the initial meeting.  Arrow had to take into account a number of factors, such as what happens if an employee loses their phone, IT rights to the data on the phone, privacy expectations, data usage, re-charging etc.

Assisting a Purchasing Manager in producing an RFP for telecoms services.  Arrow advised the client on the best method for obtaining responses to enable easy evaluation of the overall costs between bidders. Arrow also advised on how to identify potential hidden costs and best practice for SLA generation.

Automating a contractor’s workflow for the dispatch of jobs to a field engineering force.  Arrow provided advice on different solutions and helped the customer with the correct solution for their needs.  The customer was able to demonstrate rapid ROI following a sharp decrease in the time between completion of jobs and invoicing.

A major retail chain had lost track of the number of telephone lines across its network of stores. Arrow carried out an audit by obtaining data from the customer from 3 different sources and validating it against Openreach data. Arrow created a standard naming convention that could be applied across all stores and used another data source to add store ID’s to the database. Site visits were completed where required to further clarify the number and types of lines on each site.

A multi-site distribution company needed to measure call-handling response times at each of their depots. Arrow engaged with the client to identify a range of potential solutions, including the replacement of the legacy equipment. A phased project plan was implemented to roll out the new system to HQ and deploy an MPLS network to link all sites for voice communications. The result was a single call management tool that could report on performance across all sites, as well as the ability to transfer calls between sites over the network and present the depot numbers when making calls out from the central telemarketing team.

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