Inbound Numbers

Inbound Numbers

Control your calls on any number, anywhere, from any device

Inbound is a telephony service for both geographic and non-geographic numbers that provides online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and managing tools to empower any business with the perfect customer service.

Arrow’s inbound services need no capital outlay, can be set up on the network in minutes for maximum operational flexibility, and are incredibly easy to use thereby increasing the productivity of your business.

So if you’re looking for feature rich call handling solutions that are scalable and cost effective without the capex, and you want all this through an easy to use web interface that allows you to make changes live in an instant, we  have the right Inbound solution for you.

Use with any number, anywhere, from any device – the service is available on both geographic (01/02) and non-geographic (08/03) numbers and is accessed through a secure user friendly website that can be accessed from any device.  Improve customer service through tailored call plans to suit your business.

Important changes for Freephone Numbers

From the 1st July 2015 calls to 0800 / 0808 freephone numbers will become ‘free to caller’ regardless of whether they are being called from landlines or mobile phones
Whilst this is a great benefit to consumers, it is expected that the mobile operators will charge a ‘mobile access levy’ (a per minute rate yet to be confirmed) to the 0800 service provider (the party being contacted), to cover the cost of enabling the consumer to call that number.
The impact of this change on our freephone number customers is two-fold:

  • The additional per minute cost to receive calls from mobile phones (the mobile access levy)
  • An expected increase in the volumes of calls from mobile phones – industry estimates are an increase of 50 to 200%

Switching to an 03 number will mean that service providers will not incur the mobile access levy as it costs no more to call than a geographic (01 or 02) number, and must be included in a customers’ inclusive minutes or discount schemes.

(0500 users please note: 0500 numbers will be phased out in June 2017, and therefore will not become free to caller. If you use an 0500 number then it might be beneficial to look at switching sooner rather than later)

Important changes for Service Numbers

From the 1st July 2015 consumers calling service numbers (084, 087,09, 118) will see the call cost broken down into an ‘access charge’ to their phone company, plus a ‘service charge’ to the  organisation they are calling.

Both Ofcom and the Advertising Standards Authority will be ensuring that the prices of calls to these numbers are clearly displayed on all consumer communications which means service providers need to clearly display the following message in connection with their service numbers.

“Calls to this number cost 5p per minute plus your telephone service providers access charge”

Ofcom has instigated these changes to make the cost of calling businesses and services clearer for consumers. 08, 09 and 118 numbers have a range of uses, from customer service, finding out information to directory enquiries and voting on TV shows.

‘Suspend and Resume’ on Inbound call recording now available

If your Company takes credit card payments over the phone, read on…

Arrow can now offer a feature to enable you to suspend call recordings whilst your customers give their credit card details and then resume the recording for the remainder of the call.

The benefits include:

  • Credit card details are not stored on your servers
  • No extra charge is applied
  • All calls are recorded for training, monitoring and dispute resolution purposes
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