To be successful, any business needs to have a full picture of what’s going on within its operations, especially in critical areas such as sales. At the same time, those working in regulated sectors must show they’re always compliant with all relevant regulations, which also makes complete visibility a must-have.

These were amongst the issues being faced by car leasing provider Vehicle Consulting when it was looking to modernise its telephony system. The Stockport-based firm has been offering its services since 2000, but as it has grown and its needs have changed, the business has had to evolve its technology services to keep up.

Initially focusing on the B2B market, an evolving business landscape encouraged the firm to begin offering B2C services a few years ago, which came with its own set of challenges and regulatory requirements. At the same time, changes to how the firm operated also increased the need for an agile phone system to better serve its sales team, especially as demands for remote working became more commonplace.

Therefore, the business turned to Arrow for help in bringing its telephony systems right up-to-date. Here’s how we were able to help transform the firm’s sales operations.


The need for better visibility and compliance in communications

Previously, Vehicle Consulting had been operating using a legacy, on-premises phone system from Avaya. One of the biggest issues with this was it did not offer native functionality for features such as call recording and reporting tools, or mobile capabilities to allow users to work seamlessly from anywhere.

Managing director of Vehicle Consulting Lee Wolstenholme explained that among the key requirements of the firm was a need to retain compliance with industry requirements. As a firm that’s regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, all its consumer interactions needed to be recorded and retained as proof the company was operating in a compliant way.

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While it would have been possible to upgrade its existing technology to meet these needs, this would have required a major capital expense and meant further investment into outdated technology, which was far from ideal. Therefore a more modern solution was required.

How Wildix and Arrow offered a transformative comms solution

Vehicle Consulting turned to Arrow for help with meeting these goals. After listening to the firm’s needs, we identified Wildix as the most suitable solution for the business and, after a range of demonstrations, we deployed the cloud-based telephony service to more than 30 users. As well as those based out of the firm’s head office in the north-west, this also allows for seamless remote working.

As the technology is accessed via a laptop browser application and headsets, it offers full parallel working, so those based from home have access to exactly the same features and functionality as those in the office.

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Mr Wolstenholme noted one consequence of this is that the firm has been able to transform its strategy, regardless of where its key people are based. “What we now do is employ people around the country, we can recruit in any area because our online brand can be operated with a laptop dialled into Wildix,” he said.

When it came to the deployment itself, Mr Wolstenholme noted how smoothly the rollout had been, despite the challenges posed by Covid restrictions. The simple, straightforward explanations provided by Arrow’s engineers allowed all of Vehicle Consulting’s employees to get up and running with the tools quickly.

Better recording, better reporting, easier planning

Key features of the Wildix system include native call recording solutions, as well as a wide range of reporting tools. The result of this is Vehicle Consulting can be much more productive, work more flexibly and enable sales teams to be more self-sufficient, while managers still have all the data they need to keep track of remote employees.

Meanwhile, the call recording tools are essential in ensuring compliance with FCA rules and protecting the business from any disputes, with a full record of what’s taken place on every call available on demand.

This is also a great training aid for the business. Mr Wolstenhome said: “The call recording is brilliant because now we actually hold sales meetings with the online sales people and we listen back to recordings. So if one of the sales people thinks that was a really good call, they can tag that call and in the sales meeting, we can bring that call back as an example so we can demonstrate that as a success.”

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Another factor Mr Wolstenholme highlighted is that, thanks to the in-depth reporting on offer, he now has much more confidence that the leads passed on to the sales teams are being utilised fully.

With available metrics including call times, response rates and more, managers and employees can see who’s performing well and where additional efforts may be required. This also allows the company to plan better, as it can now see exactly when peak times are and what sales resources may be required in future.

What’s more, it enables managers to listen in to calls and step in when required to help seal a deal, such as by providing useful real-time information without disrupting the call. This also helps boost the level of customer service Vehicle Consulting can provide.

Mr Wolstenholme said: “It’s enabled me to measure productivity, it’s brought me a training solution, and it’s enabled me to be more compliant.”

With Arrow also impressing him with our responsive customer service and smooth deployment, Vehicle Consulting has also now committed to moving its data connectivity service to us, so this is a relationship that’s set to last for many years to come.

If you want to find out how Arrow can help your business, click here to contact us.

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