Security threats for mobile users

Security threats for mobile users

More malware has appeared in the last 18 months than in the last 18 years. Four out of five threats come from web sites, not email and these web threats are increasingly sophisticated. In fact, most are designed not for fun, but for financial gain.

High call charges an investigation uncovered some malware hidden in a game that the user had downloaded. The malware was dialling international numbers in the background. The phone was repaired and the user’s IT department prohibited the downloading of 3rd party applications via their BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

BlackBerry keeps your business secure

With over 450 published IT policies, the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution provides administrators with complete and precise control over their wireless solution and helps them meet their organisation’s growing mobile data requirements.  Policies such as specifiying exactly which applications are permitted on the device, and the ability to prevent third-party applications from using persistent storage on the device are a few ways that can help keep your business secure.

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