Hawke International Case Study

Hawke International, a member of the Hubbell Inc. group of companies, leads the world in cable connection and termination products for use in hazardous areas and hostile environments. Hawke International is predominantly associated with the offshore and onshore activities within the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Hawke has 100 UK employees as well as offices in Dubai, Singapore, USA, Canada and Brazil.


Hawke International’s existing telephone technology was no longer supported and had limited features. The existing PSTN connectivity was over ISDN30e lines making calls expensive and Hawke knew that they could benefit from virtualising their data centres to VMware for voice and converting ISDN30e to SIP trunks.

The Solution

Arrow recommended the Virtual Mitel MiVoice Business (Virtual 3300), Virtual MiCollab and Virtual Mitel Border Gateway combined with a VMWare solution to safeguard investment and to improve their communications.

Optimising Scarce Resources

Implementing a virtualised data centre environment meant that scarce resources could go even further, resulting in an even more robust and reliable network. Hawke International could now entertain the idea of running voice on a virtual host which was previously unrealistic due to latency issues. Mitel and VMware have made radical steps forward in resolving these latency challenges and by working to integrate Mitel Virtual Solutions and VMware vSphere™ server environments, real-time voice performance is now a trusted application in a virtualised environment.

Consolidation of Servers

An On-Premise solution would have needed three servers for MiVoice Business, Virtual MiCollab and Virtual Mitel Border Gateway.  However, Arrow’s proposed virtualisation has enabled Hawke to reduce the number of servers, resulting in massive cost savings and maintenance time reductions.

Introducing Unified Communications

The introduction of vMicollab has been particularly well received by Hawke’s employees. They now have a single point of access for presence information, instant messaging, click-to-call, softphone and visual voicemail amongst other efficiency improving features.

Simple, Reliable Disaster Recovery

Hawke International has seen dramatic improvements in the reliability of voice services by connecting them to the virtualised data centre via VMware. VMware vSphere is capable of backing up entire networks which makes rolling back to a known good state a simple process.


Lee Hand, Network Service Manager UK at Hawke International says, “Mitel and Arrow are ahead of the game with their relationship with VMware – the timing is absolutely perfect. Our organisation is comfortable with virtualisation having already proved it on the data side. We have now taken the last step and brought the voice side in.”

Hand continues, “The Mitel solution Arrow suggested is working flawlessly and the switch over was a breeze. Arrow completed the configuration work in record time despite the strange DMZ issues we were experiencing locally. Arrow’s engineers worked tirelessly to get all the hardware ready and on desks before the switch over day which meant everything went smoothly and the switch over was flawless”.