Celebrity testers give BB10 thumbs up

Celebrity testers give BB10 thumbs up

Research in Motion (RIM) is just a day away from the launch of its BlackBerry 10 operating system, but it has given a few celebrity gadget fans a preview of the new platform early.

Presenters Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry both got their hands on the new BB10 OS ahead of its launch and Ross took to Twitter to describe it as "the most impressive new phone I've played with."

Stephen Fry meanwhile praised the "amazing features" in the brand new system.

BlackBerry users that take up the opportunity to use BB10 on their devices will have access to personal and work modes, which is ideal as more and more businesses are now allowing their members of staff to work on personal devices on the move.

It also boasts a "flowing" approach to the use of multiple applications at one time, with simple transferring between them making life easier for workers.

This element was a key part of the design process, as the company wanted to ensure users could hop easily between applications using gesture control, and access information such as new emails far more quickly than rival operating systems iOS and Android.

Experts at gadget website TechRadar also got their hands on the new OS and said they were "impressed" with "how smooth and slick the interface felt".

"The gestures work very, very well after a few minutes, the powerful messaging ecosystem is still there and even the on screen keyboard is great."

Shares in RIM have surged in recent months ahead of the launch as the excitement grows and businesses prepare to implement the new OS and any new BlackBerry handsets into their organisation.

Shares have more than doubled in the last four months after falling to a low of $6.22 in September.

As well as the new OS, RIM is reportedly set to release six new handsets in 2013, which will cater for low to high-end needs.