4G mobile broadband ‘not far away’

4G mobile broadband ‘not far away’

The growth of employees making use of the latest smartphones and tablet computers for work purposes is leading to calls for improved mobile broadband.

Suzi Perry, a TV presenter and gadget expert, suggested that 4G mobile services are "just around the corner".

"If you want to download something you want it quickly. We're not worried about the fact you can [just] do it any more – we want it now," she explained.

The expert noted that the technology is already in use in the US and is currently being trailed in some areas of the UK, so it is soon to hit the mainstream.

Once it becomes mainstream, it could completely alter the lives of mobile device users as it will provide a fast and reliable service to business users.

The UK's communications watchdog Ofcom is set to auction off the 4G spectrum to the leading telecoms providers later this year, with many predicting the UK will be 4G-ready at some point in 2013.