A growing number of firms in the UK are looking to adopt multiple cloud services in order to meet their varied business requirements and provide a more efficient solution for their organisation.

This is according to new research from Information Services Group (ISG), which noted that large enterprises that have until now relied on traditional capital expenditure models for their IT solutions are particularly keen to embrace multicloud alternatives, partnering with several public cloud providers.

ISG said this approach provides greater flexibility, cuts costs and allows firms to improve their time to market.

Its report also noted that mutlicloud options are attractive because many businesses have different workload requirements for performance. Because of this, they want to pick and choose services that provide the best fit for each part of the business, rather than being locked into a single provider that may not be ideal for certain needs.

For example, the report highlighted the case of a financial services organisation that uses one cloud provider for its data warehousing and communications platform, another provider for application testing and development, and a third to run enterprise cloud software in specific locations.

Barry Matthews, partner and head of ISG in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Nordics, said: "This new, complex, multi-cloud, multi-skilled approach is now the standard in business and a key trend driving enterprise organisations."

While large businesses lead the way, multicloud tools are also popular among medium-sized firms. However, ISG noted that these firms often lack the resources and expertise needed to operate multicloud and hybrid cloud environments, and will therefore increasingly turn to managed service providers to help them make a success of the technology.

These organisations will therefore have an essential role to play in helping businesses understand the complex cloud services market identify which of the thousands of new cloud offerings that become available every year will be the best fit.

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