The majority of people in the UK are struggling with poor connectivity when they are on the move, with nearly nine out of ten commuters having issues accessing the internet on the UK's transport network.

Research by uSwitch revealed that 86 per cent of Brits reported difficulties getting online via their smartphone on their way to work, with two-thirds saying this lack of connectivity is a source of frustration. 

More than half of respondents (56 per cent) said they have issues getting a 3G or 4G mobile signal on the UK's rail network, with 54 per cent experiencing phone calls dropping out and almost four out of ten (38 per cent) have been unable to send text messages.

Connecting to onboard Wi-Fi networks also does not solve the problem for many users, as two-thirds of commuters stated they have been unable to connect to it. Even if they are able to access a Wi-Fi connection, uSwitch noted many services are not able to give users the performance they require.

Mobiles expert at the firm Ru Bhikha said these Wi-Fi connections are rarely as fast or reliable as those people are used to at work or at home, while free train Wi-Fi networks are also increasingly susceptible to fraud.

He added: "Combined with the fact that many rail operators have introduced time limits – some of which are as little as 15 minutes – means that these WI-FI networks are often both unfit for purpose and a possible security hazard."

With one in five people using their commute to get a headstart with their day, and many Brits needing to connect when travelling to meetings or other remote work, this could therefore be a significant drain on the country's productivity.

However, the government has pledged to take steps to address this issue, with improving the connectivity of the UK’s main roads and railways a key part of its digital strategy for the coming years.

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