How BYOD could make workplaces MORE secure

How BYOD could make workplaces MORE secure

Bring your own device (BYOD) continues to be one of the most prominent trends in the modern workplace, helping employees to take full advantage of a flexible working environment, improving morale and productivity.

However, one the key drawbacks of using a BYOD approach has been the perceived threat to security, with many coming to the conclusion that the introduction of mobile devices and other pieces of personal hardware can offer cyber criminals more of an opportunity to hack into a corporate system.

It means that many companies have decided against the idea of implementing a BYOD policy, viewing it as an unnecessary risk.

Yet, it transpires that a BYOD policy may actually serve to make your company more more secure.

The fact is that many workers are going to use their mobile device or laptop whether they are permitted to do so or not.

If decision makers are kept in the dark about such use, it becomes much harder to get a proper grip on how workers are using such devices, heightening the risk of breaches and other dangers.  

It means that the implementation of a BYOD policy is something that companies simply cannot escape from.

So, in order to really protect your network it is essential to form a rigid and easy-to-follow policy that governs how people within your network use their device.

Compiling the necessary guideline can be difficult, particularly given the fact there is a seemingly constant stream of new devices being brought to the market every year.

It i therefore essential that your IT department has the knowledge and expertise on the very latest devices, as well as a deep understanding of how they will impact your system.

Measures on correct usage can then be drafted up and conveyed to every employee using a device within your system, while also putting measures in place to address workers that have left the company.