The majority of chief information officers (CIOs) are worried that the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) could have a negative impact on their business operations and could lead to a loss of revenue.

This is according to new research from software firm Dynatrace, which found almost three-quarters of IT leaders (74 per cent) expressed concerns that performance problems with IoT devices could have a harmful effect on their company.

Indeed, some 69 per cent of respondents forecast that IoT will become a major burden on their systems due to the fact it will be difficult to overcome the growing complexity of their enterprise cloud environments.

One of the biggest issues may be that companies adopt IoT solutions before they have fully considered the best way of integrating them into their business. Almost four out of five CIOs surveyed (78 per cent) said there is a risk that their organisation will deploy IoT strategies without having a plan in place to manage the performance of the complex cloud ecosystems that will be needed to underpin these rollouts.

Dave Anderson, digital performance expert at Dynatrace, said that businesses across all industries are looking at IoT solutions to boost revenue, engage with new markets and deliver a competitive advantage, but these benefits may not be realised if the technology rollout isn't managed effectively.

"IoT ecosystems and delivery chains are intricate and boundless, which creates unprecedented frequency of change, size and complexity in the cloud environments on which they are built," he stated. "Enterprises are already struggling to master cloud complexity and now IoT substantially magnifies this challenge."

The study also found that the majority of CIOs agree that automation tools will be essential if IoT deployments are to be successful, as it will be impossible to keep on top of an increasingly complex environment using manual tools. Some 84 per cent of respondents said AI capabilities will have a crucial role to play in this.

"Organisations need a new approach that works at scale and simplifies IoT cloud complexity; a software intelligence platform that uses AI and automation to provide full operational insights into vast ecosystems of IoT sensors," Mr Anderson continued

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