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Network threat detection & response

Traditional cyber security relies on static rules and historical attack data. Today’s fast-moving attacks require something more. Autonomous machines and Artificial Intelligence. Capable of recognising a threat, and knowing which action to take to stop it spreading – faster than humans

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AI network security that adapts to the unknown

Darktrace autonomously defends your business in real-time. It’s the self-learning approach to network detection and response, working 24/7, continuously learning and improving. The ground-breaking technology has earned them the title of AI Cyber Product of the Year in the 2021 National Cyber Awards. 

organisations worldwide choose Darktrace

is the average time that Autonomous Response Technology reacts to ransomware

Prevent account takeover and insider threats. Detect attacks on the cloud, SaaS, and IoT. Identify zero-day strains of malware and ransomware. All with a unified view of your infrastructure, while increasing your organisation’s resilience.

The self-learning approach to network security

The speed of modern cyber attacks means you often don’t even know where they’ve come from. However, Darktrace learns from real-time data, not historical. This makes it ideal for identifying and stopping zero-day attacks – from cloud, email, software, or your corporate network.

  • Modern network threats move as fast as machines – so naturally, you need machines to respond.
  • The Threat Detection solution uses Machine Learning to analyse “pattern of life” company network behaviour, identifying any anomalies that may mean targeted threats. 
  • This unique self-learning approach enables detection of advanced attacks at an early stage, minimising and preventing negative impacts.

Autonomous responses before you finish this sentence

Sophisticated attacks spread faster than security teams can react. Add the rise in hybrid working, giving organisations a wider attack surface and more threat vectors. Of course, this all means unprecedented pressure for your organisation. The speed of Darktrace lifts that pressure.

  • Darktrace gives you analyst expertise at the speed and scale of AI. Working out the correct action to control or stop in-progress attacks – without human intervention.  
  • Autonomous Response means you not only detect but also intelligently fight back against in-progress attacks – before they make an impact. 
  • Darktrace solves the question of what to do out-of-hours, when fewer people are around to respond to cyber attacks.

Your 24/7 cyber AI analyst team

Darktrace automates tasks previously carried out by security analysts. Identifying a threat, working out the optimum action to contain a threat, without impacting your operations. Freeing up resources for you to focus on other areas of your business.

  • Darktrace halts in-progress cyber attacks, without disrupting your day-to-day operations. This capability is why Darktrace calls this self-repairing technology a “digital immune system”. 
  • After detecting suspicious behaviour, Darktrace’s Cyber AI Analyst launches into an enterprise-wide investigation, rapidly identifying incidents in real-time. 
  • Darktrace also includes Natural Language Processing, automatically producing written investigations after any attack.

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What is Self-Learning AI?2021-10-17T10:36:01+00:00

AI is transforming the way we perform myriad tasks within our business and personal lives. But not all AI is created equal. Rather than using large volumes of training data, Self-Learning AI learns on the job from real-time data. Applied to cyber security, this means that it can identify and stop zero-day attacks, because it’s not learning from historical attack data.

How does Self-Learning AI work?2021-10-17T10:36:47+00:00

Self-Learning AI is made up of many thousands of algorithms that inform its decision-making, each with different strengths. These algorithms operate in competition with one another to deliver the best model for every user and device.

To determine which algorithms to employ at any given moment, Darktrace uses a smart threshold filter that contextually weights and rescores the outputs from all machine learning detectors in light of their previous performance.

To combine these analyses of digital activity, Darktrace uses a technique known as Recursive Bayesian Estimation. Crucially, this allows the AI to continually recalculate threat levels in light of new data and discern significant patterns in data flows indicative of attacks.

Why is Autonomous Response important for Network Security?2021-10-17T10:37:24+00:00

Autonomous Response is capable of working out the correct action to take to curb or stop an in-progress attack, without the need for human intervention. Regardless of time of day, or where the attack comes in — through cloud, SaaS, email, or the corporate network — the AI takes precise action to neutralise the threat and buy back time for stretched security teams. 

What is “pattern of life” analysis?2021-10-17T10:38:09+00:00

This analyses behaviours, patterns and movements related to an entity such as your corporate network. Over time, this pattern becomes established and so any deviation is flagged up as a possible breach.

What is account takeover?2021-10-17T10:38:53+00:00

This is when a malicious third party breaks into a user’s account. Often the account contains personal details, which can be used for more serious forms of identity theft.

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