The EU has signed a key ministerial declaration to combine resources and roll out 5G mobile networks across the continent. 

All member states, as well as the UK and Norway, agreed to a process that will see all countries involved combine their resources in a bid to make sure Europe is ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile networking technology.

The deal was signed in Tallinn, Estonia and it hopes to outline a common baseline on 5G standards across the continent. 

With the number of connected devices in the market expected to reach billions in the next three years, the EU wants 5G to act as a key foundation for its Digital Single Market strategy. 

Urve Palo, Estonian minister for entrepreneurship and IT, said: “This indicates that all member states are thinking about the future and are willing to boost connectivity and Europe’s digital competitiveness to the next level. 

“5G will allow faster internet connections across Europe and make it possible to develop new technologies, such as connected cars, innovative industrial machines and e-health initiatives.”

The UK has previously outlined its own ambitions for 5G services, with Ofcom recently announcing the release of extra spectrum in order to increase the capacity of networks. 

Some 40MHz of spectrum will be auctioned specifically for the 2.3GHz band, which is already supported by Apple and Samsung. These airwaves can be used straight away in order to offer extra capacity and faster downloads.

As well as this, 150MHz of spectrum will be auctioned in the 3.4Ghz band. These airwaves do not work with many modern devices, but they are expected to be used by handsets in the future.

While the benefits of 3.4Ghz is yet to be realised, experts have identified the 3.4Ghz as a key factor in the 5G rollout across Europe. 

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