Agile working has quickly become a top priority for businesses of all sizes. But how can firms make sure they get this right? It can be a tricky prospect, especially for organisations that haven’t previously had agile capabilities.

That’s why last month, Arrow hosted a webinar along with some of our biggest partners to help make sense of this and share some best practices. The event took place on April 28th and was hosted by our Customer Director Joel Bramwell. We also heard from speakers from Mind, Mitel and Smartdesc.

While the webinar was focused primarily on the charity and non-profit sector, much of what was discussed will be useful to any technology stakeholders. We’ll be sharing some of the insights from our guest speakers over the next couple of weeks. But first, we explained how Arrow has been adapting and how we’ve helped some of our customers make the transition.

You can see the first part of our webinar below. Check back in the next few weeks to learn more about what our partners had to say:

Part 1: Joel Bramwell, Customer Director at Arrow Business Communications

[lyte id=gf2_mUA37hU/]

Part 2: James Field, Strategy Director at Smartdesc

Part 3: Adam Monks, Head of Technology at Mind

Part 4: Ben Neo, Head of UK Charity Sector at Mitel 

The technologies in use

With businesses having to switch to flexible, remote working almost overnight, this naturally throws up a wide range of challenges. At Arrow, we effectively went from having ten offices to over 220, spread all around the country in our employees’ home offices, spare bedrooms and kitchen tables.

To meet these demands, cloud tools have been a real game-changer. These technologies allow firms to transfer to remote working without any drop in capabilities, and it’s something we’ve been using ourselves, as well as recommending to customers.

Cloud telephony has proved especially valuable. For example, these solutions helped one of our customers – a leading charity – relocate its entire customer service contact centre within 48 hours. This ensured its workers were able to continue with business as usual by taking calls from home.

How we’re keeping productivity high

We’ve always believed that the key to effective flexible working is a good work-life balance. A happier workforce is a more productive workforce, and employees being able to easily collaborate and communicate wherever they are is vital in making this a reality.

This is something we’ve experienced first-hand since the introduction of tools such as Microsoft Teams, which we implemented across our business last year. 

Joel explained: “Early adoption of cloud technology, cloud telephony and Microsoft Teams has made the day-to-day rather enjoyable. [We can see] each other on desk-on-desk video conferencing with immediate integration through group chat, with none of the usual distractions. Although my three-year-old certainly doesn’t understand when I’m on a call with the management team.”

Ultimately, Joel noted it will be vital for firms to fully embrace tools like videoconferencing, as they are undoubtedly here to stay. Getting the balance right will be a challenge, but for Arrow, this joined-up way of working has helped us focus on what’s important – how to best help our customers. 

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