Keeping up with the latest tech developments is a must for any business, but it can be especially challenging for smaller firms. In an environment where new innovations are being introduced all the time – and against the backdrop of economic uncertainty – being able to quickly and easily adapt your operations to new ways of working is essential.

This is particularly important when it comes to your communications solutions. Customers today are more demanding than ever when it comes to getting in touch with a business, so you’ll need a system that has all the features larger firms are able to offer, while still maintaining simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

This is why we’re introducing Swift by Arrow, a new service designed especially for the needs of smaller companies. Swift offers a high level of functionality at an affordable price, but importantly, it is as agile and easy-to-use as possible. This ensures you’re able to cope with whatever the future may hold and gives you complete control over your communications.

The need for greater flexibility

The importance of flexible services has been made more apparent than ever over the past few months. Almost all businesses will have found themselves needing to adapt their operations quickly in response to a rapidly-changing environment, whether this is setting up remote working stations or adjusting your capacity to cope with unexpected fluctuations in demand.

Small firms in particular can find themselves vulnerable if they aren’t able to cope with this. If you’re using outdated legacy communications equipment, for example, you could easily find yourself overpaying for services you no longer need, or locked into a long-term contract that no longer fits your requirements.

This is where Swift by Arrow comes in. Swift has been designed specially to meet the needs of less-sizeable firms, giving them all the functionality of an enterprise communications system without the complexity or cost it would typically involve.

Swift also comes with a choice of licences to suit a wide variety of users and business needs. Users that need more features and reporting can have their licences upgraded to guarantee they have everything they need instantly.

A complete cloud telephony system

At the heart of the Swift service is a complete cloud telephony system that offers users more than 100 features, including everything you’d expect from a standard PBX solution, plus a lot more.

For instance, features such as call recording, group call pickup, shared phonebooks, queue management systems and artificial intelligence tools like automatic speech recognition are all part of the suite of services at your disposal. You can also take advantage of features including conference calling, video conference, call forwarding and active call switching between devices, to name but a few.

All the features included with Swift are designed to be as easy as possible to set up and manage. The centralised interface provides users with full visibility into their system and offers full control and management from a single location. As it is entirely browser-based, with nothing to install, it’s also accessible anywhere on any device, while time-saving features such as auto provisioning allow you to configure one or many devices with just one click.

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Choosing the right features for your business

Swift by Arrow isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and our advisers can also help you identify the most suitable licences for you, based on your user requirements and budget. This is something that will be particularly important in the current uncertain situation when every penny needs to see a positive return on investment. At the same time, firms need to be reassured that the solutions they choose can be easily scaled up as business activity increases.

You’re able to mix and match Swift’s four licence options based on each user’s individual requirements, so if an employee only needs voice communications, they can be equipped with a basic package, while those that require more advanced functionality don’t have to miss out. The same applies to any hardware you take as part of the system. All this ensures that you’re never spending any more than necessary.

This customisation extends to every aspect of your communication package. For instance, you can choose to add extra call coverage for concurrent calls, which many businesses may not need, but could be invaluable for companies with larger sales teams or contact centres.

You can also add internet data connectivity to your agreement, choosing from our range of offerings, such as broadband, FTTC, full fibre or fully managed services.

For those firms that have on-site IT experts, the self-managed option will enable you to get up and running easily, with full access to all the guides and tutorials you need to complete a self-installation. However, if you’re unsure on how to go about this yourself, our managed services options mean you can leave any additions, moves or changes to the system in our capable hands.

All this means that whatever your unique needs as a business, you can rest assured there’s a flexible, cost-effective and easy-to-manage option available for you that will ensure your business can keep up with any evolving communications needs for years to come.

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