Technology Fund

Technology Fund

What is the Arrow Technology Fund?

The Arrow Technology Fund is a virtual pot of money that allows you to purchase Arrow products and services at any time without the need to make additional capital investment. Arrow are the only telecoms provider to offer a Technology Fund.

How can my business start a Technology Fund?

Sign a 3 year Maintenance Agreement with Arrow and we will pay 75% of the first year’s maintenance cost into your Fund.

How can my business increase our Technology Fund?

There is no limitation on the products/services that can be added to create additional funds.

*Terms and Conditions:

Offer applies to all new Maintenance Agreements with Arrow lasting two years or longer. No cash equivalent is available and the Fund cannot be used to offset, in part or in whole, any invoice or other values due to Arrow.  Arrow will allocate an amount up to the equivalent of 75% of the first year’s maintenance charge, subject to a minimum charge of £335.00 per annum, into your Technology Fund.