Lifesize cloud video conferencing

Lifesize Cloud now runs natively from the web browser!

Lifesize Cloud video conferencing already runs in the meeting room, on PCs, laptops, IOS, and Android devices but now also runs in google chrome. Just open Google Chrome on any PC/Laptop with a webcam and microphone anywhere in the world and enter the URL and away you go!

The cost saving advantages of video conferencing have been known for years however the cost for a single video enabled room, the complex infrastructure that was required and the need to always have someone from IT to setup the call was always a huge deterrent for investing in a Video solution.  Lifesize have flipped this on its head with their cloud solution.  Their ethos for simplicity, speed of deployment and ability to connect to the service anywhere in the world have been key in user adoption and customer satisfaction.

    • Icon cameras are extensions within your Cloud account
    • Each Cloud user has the ability to host a 40 way video or audio call
    • Up to 5 devices per Cloud user – PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, Icon camera
    • Collaboration with screen sharing
    • Chat, Directory, History
    • Record video calls for training or minutes
    • Meeting invites from Outlook
    • Video call with external video systems
    • Video call external companies who have no access to a video system
    • Browser based video calling
    • Call statistics for ROI justification
    • Low administration overhead and fast deployment
    • 14 day free trial

When deploying Lifesize cloud in the browser, there is no additional application software for IT departments to install and manage.  WebRTC is a video compression technology that is native within the google chrome browser (no plugins) and uses “ICE” (Interactive Connectivity Establishment) which assists with corporate firewall traversal so no need for IT departments to punch holes in the firewall to enable the deployment of Lifesize cloud.

One of the most powerful uses of the browser based video calling is that it enables you to send an invite to an external party, they paste the link into google chrome and as long as they have a webcam and microphone they can video call you on your Lifesize cloud extension.  No downloads, no firewall configuration, just feature rich video calling.

Lifesize Cloud Video Conferencing

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