Headset Solution

Transform customer service and improve operational efficiency

Transform your customer service, allow your staff to communicate as a team and reduce your response time with our headset solutions from Quail Digital and Vocovo.

Headsets are ideal for large retail and wholesale units, factories, warehouses and entertainment venues like theatres and stadia.

Headsets allow staff to communicate quickly and with no wires or battery packs they are easy to use, and unobtrusive. Allowing your staff to answer customer questions and pass on information quickly improves your professional image, efficiency and, above all, your customers’ experience.

Fully integrated and modular

Used individually or all together, every element of our headset solutions contributes to greater efficiencies.

  • Wireless headsets and handsets
  • Call points with audio communication
  • Integration with existing telephony
  • Smartphone and tablet applications
  • Checkout Key Pads with audio communication
  • Digital Call Points
  • System Data and Statistics

Improve efficiency

Give your company a more professional approach by improving your services and security. Say goodbye to tannoy messages, keep your managers in touch and decrease the time your customers have to wait at the tills.

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