Telephone SIMS Schools Integration

Telephone System Integration with Capita SIMS

Make life easy and bridge the gap between your Panasonic Telephone system and Capita SIMS using Go Connect for Panasonic.

Benefits to you as a SIMS user: Go Connect Improves productivity, efficiency and call handling times by integrating your telephone system with your SIMS school management system.

How can you access these benefits?

If your school is using SIMS and already have a compatible Panasonic System then Arrow can install and configure the software for you

If your school does not have a Panasonic telephone system but you do have SIMS and are interested in the above then Arrow can assist you in migrating to a compatible platform.

Summary of key benefits:
SIMS Click to Dial

Enables you to dial directly from SIMS contacts

Clicking on the SIMS icon in the Caller Preview window will automatically open the caller’s SIM contact record, avoiding the need to type in the name, address, postcode etc. to retrieve their record. You can do this before or after you answer the call. You can even do it with outbound calls.

SIMS Contact Popping

Screen pop relevant contact screens from within SIMS as calls are received

Go Connect Call History allows you to view the calls you have made, answered and missed. You can dial or even “pop” the SIMS contact record from the results.

SIMS Call History

Enables you to view your call history on screen