TechUK has published its manifesto ahead of the general election, calling for improved productivity and a digital transformation that develops a smarter state. 

The group wants to see more jobs created in order to create a more skilled and adaptable workforce, while protecting people in an era of data. The organisation has offered a comprehensive set of recommendations that it hopes the next government can achieve. 

Its manifesto is based upon five core aims. These include making Brexit a success for the tech sector, achieving economic renewal through a modern industrial strategy and building a smarter state.  

The final two goals are to nurture skills for future jobs and to guarantee a safer and more secure digital world. 

TechUK argues that the tech sector has been an outstanding success in the British economy and will be key to the country following Brexit. It wants to see a trade deal that puts the country in the best possible situation to thrive outside of the trade bloc. 

As well as this, the group wants to see economic renewal delivered through a modern industrial strategy that offers a long-term and evolutionary framework to provide the capacity and skills required for a more innovative economy. 

In order to take advantage of the next wave of digital transformation, TechUK wants to see expertise developed in the civil service and break down barriers to allow technologies and techniques to flourish in health and social care.

Chief executive officer Julian David said: “The next government has to get Brexit right, but we also have to prepare for the social and economic changes ahead. The pace of global digitisation will not slow down.

“We have a choice about whether we want to shape the digital future or be shaped by it. This manifesto is about inventing a positive future for everyone in Global Britain.”

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