Technology trade association techUK has issued its ‘Trust Principles in an Internet of Things (IoT) World’.

According to techUK, they are “a set of high-level principles to build trust in IoT innovations,” billed to serve as the industry’s first framework for companies exploring the IoT. They are intended to create a simplified framework for “the digital revolution”.

The principles cover key elements that will be needed to help the IoT market to grow by creating greater consumer confidence through data transparency and customer empowerment, ensuring all citizens have control over their own data.

They will also provide interoperability, in order for users to be able to switch between devices, providers and services according to changing preferences. techUK said they will also create security by design, which will help protect from cyber attack.

techUK pointed out that as the Blackett Review from the government said, public acceptability and trust are essential to IoT implementation. The association added that those “developing in the IoT space” must earn users’ trust for the full potential of the technology to be fulfilled, which is the intention of their Trust Principles.

According to techUK, the IoT is a transformative development that can have a greater impact on our economy and society than the first digital revolution. It will also create unprecedented amounts of detailed data, often in real time, that can then inform and improve a service or product. techUK said that to make it a success, “we need to ensure consumers are comfortable with the technology”.

Julian David, techUK’s chief executive, explained: “These principles demonstrate that our industry takes concerns about data, consent and transparency seriously.

“They are the start of the conversation rather than the end and they offer a solid framework for future discussion. I believe that these principles will help ensure that the Internet of Things has a smooth transition from theory to reality.”

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