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Microsoft Teams contact centre solutions

Gain a complete contact centre and voice solution that works seamlessly with your Teams environment. What’s more, with our consultancy you can unlock capabilities far beyond voice. For example, integrating Teams with your CRM, unifying customer management, and optimising workflows.

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25+ years of IT and voice experience 

Integration gives you the best of both worlds and best-of-breed products. At least, it does when you choose Arrow. That’s because you’ll have a Microsoft Gold partner enabling on-demand access to the latest products. Tried-and-tested with reliable, resilient, and rich feature solutions. Supporting you to bring all your voice functionality to Teams.

With Teams now mission-critical for so many organisations, here’s a comprehensive partnership service to match. It comes built, delivered and optimised from 25+ years of working with thousands of the UK’s leading companies. Connecting and integrating with your tech platform, for seamless and productive experiences.

Dedicated UK-based service team can support your whole solution including all 3rd party integrations.
Nationwide team of field engineers whenever a physical visit is needed.
Teams Service and Support packages come with Arrow Skills, 5,000+ constantly updated training videos for every user. This is built into their Teams Client to ensure your staff get the support they need to maximise their productivity on Microsoft products.

Enable your Teams omnichannel contact centre

Let’s turn your contact centre into your competitive advantage. Giving you the tools and technology to provide intuitive customer experiences and make data-informed decisions. Along with resilient and secure call recording for the most highly regulated environments.  

  • Access the latest enterprise omnichannel feature sets, from the likes of IPScape and Luware.
  • Boost productivity, with your team needing just one screen to manage Teams and voice integrations.
  • Seamless call recording and storage solutions for QoS, compliance with GDPR and MiFID II, and secure access.

PCI-compliant payments with Teams

There’s plenty to consider when making sure your Teams environment is PCI-compliant. So let an experienced partner secure your business for you. We’ve done this for some of the UK’s biggest names, operating in some of the most-regulated industries. Providing solutions that can be automated at scale, for multi-site environments. Enabling you to minimise risks from human error or malicious activity. 

  • Automatic call redaction technology, preventing sensitive payment data entering your infrastructure.
  • Secure storage with monitoring and retention policies, customised to your industry requirements.
  • Search, filter and indexing, for easy access and satisfying formal audit procedures.
PCI Payments

Your strategic hub for customer service

Your contact centre has centre stage, between your customers and your agents. Work with us and we’ll turn that stage into a platform for strategic success. Where our integrations with all key SaaS platforms turn your interactions into a hub for experience and insight. Calls routed intelligently and securely, so they can always be answered and managed correctly. A centralised contact centre for collaborating and communicating, even when agents are apart. 

  • Integration with all market leading SaaS solutions for Customer Service Excellence.
  • Attendant console solutions, resilient, scalable and built for high-volume operators and receptionists.  
  • Customer experience tools including easy call transfer, call backs, queue management – even calendar integration to ensure people are free to receive calls.   
  • Contact centre reporting and wallboards, with real-time reporting on call stats, agent productivity and SLAs.  

About Us

With over 25 years in the business telecoms industry and an unrivalled reputation of delivering excellent, personal customer service, Arrow is one of very few companies in the UK able to provide a full telecoms, IT and energy consultancy and service proposition.

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We’re here to deliver a seamless, stable, reliable experience that your organisation can’t live without. As a Microsoft Gold partner, with our own voice platform and 25 years’ experience in Telecoms and IT services we’re perfectly positioned to do just that.


What is PCI-compliant call recording?2021-10-10T15:11:16+00:00

This is the legal process for capturing calls in a way that matches the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Any time a customer gives their card details in a call that is recorded/captured, you need to put in place systems to comply.

What is MiFID II and how does it relate to a contact centre?2021-10-10T15:11:57+00:00

MiFID II is a directive for businesses operating in the finance industry. It states they must define and adapt how they record and process customer interactions. Contact centres must therefore consider how this impacts their use of call scripts, identity management, and consent.

What onboarding support is there for Teams in a contact centre?2021-10-10T15:12:33+00:00

Arrow offers Arrow Skills, builtin to each user’s Teams instance. This includes 5,000+ regularly updated videos to help your employees get the most from Teams and related products.

Can Teams include voice analytics?2021-10-10T15:13:06+00:00

We offer a range of voice solutions from best-in-breed vendors, many of which include analytics for you to monitor and optimise performance.

What sort of features are available with IPScape and Luware?2021-10-10T15:13:41+00:00

Our partners offer a range of features that focus on high-quality customer and employee experience. These include cloud telephony modules for call groups, internal help desks, screensharing, automatic dialling, IVR, disaster recovery, robotic process automation. 

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