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Cloud Phone + Collaboration

All the features your business will ever need in one single Hosted PBX

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Work on any device from anywhere

  • The power of Cloud Telephony: Your workplace is no longer limited to an office desk.
  • Apps available for Android and iOS.
  • Swift is entirely web based and accessible via your browser without installing any client or software. Available on Linux, Mac OS and Windows.
  • Users decide who can reach them and when.

Cloud Telephone with 100+ Features

  • All the standard Hosted PBX functions + 100 more features.
  • With HD Audio
  • Used by 1m customers, including European Governments.

Some of the features include:

  • Call pickup; group call pickup, call recording
  • Call intrusion: barge (conference intrusion), listen (silent intrusion), whisper (partial intrusion)
  • Distinctive Ringtones, Ringtones selection
  • Graphical IVR; Audio file management
  • Local and shared phonebooks
  • Import of contacts and users from MSSQL, MySQL,
  • LDAP, Google, Exchange Server, Outlook, CSV,
  • Active Directory, Office 365, Infusionsoft by Keap, Zoho CRM
  • Advanced CDR; Call stats; Call centre functionality
  • Call groups strategies, Call queues management;
  • Unlimited Voicemail

Video Conferencing

  • Unlimited hours of HD cloud internal and external Video Conferencing.
  • Swift’s Video Conferencing is 100% based on WebRTC to guarantee the best audio and video quality and security of your communications.
  • Users can start a video conference from the Collaboration web interface and can invite colleagues or external users at any time.
  • Schedule the conference (syncs with Google and Outlook calendars) and receive a reminder via email.
  • Record video conferences including audio, video and desktop sharing.

Chat, Screen and File Sharing

  • Enterprise grade cloud collaboration tools.
  • Share your screen, desktop and documents.
  • Share a link with other participants to work together on a document or inside an application.
  • Reporting and analysis of Video Conferencing sessions.
Swift CRM Integrations

CRM/ERP Integrations

  • Swift comes with a wide range of ready-to-use  integrations.
  • Integrates with many products and applications e.g. CRM, ERP, Fias/Fidelio.
  • Including Google, Zoho, Zendesk, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, SAP Business One and numerous other major tech names and solutions.
  • Integrating solutions simplifies the training process by routing multiple tools into only one interface with which users need to become familiar.
  • Saves time spent switching between different applications to complete day-to-day tasks, make calls and share files.

+ Many more features

Swift combines features of 8+ services like: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GotoMeeting, Zendesk, Vidyo, Lifesize, Skype and more. Instead of buying subscription for all these services, with Swift you can have it all in one cloud hosted platform for one price.

5 Click user set up

  • Quick and easy to implement across the whole business.
  • Get users up and running with only 5 clicks!

Auto Attendant / IVR

  • Dial using menu options
  • Dial an extension
  • Dial using Voice Recognition
  • Dial using pre-configured keywords
web chat webrtc kite swift contact centre

WebRTC Kite

  • Transform your website into a Contact Centre.
  • With Kite a website visitor can start chat, audio and video communication, desktop sharing and send files with one click.
  • Fully customisable, easy to integrate and to use.
  • No installation on the end user side, available via a simple link
  • Fully integrated into Swift PBX and Collaboration.
swift call recording cloud phone

Call Recording

  • Record calls automatically or on-demand.
  • Allow users to select the calls they wish to record or through rules applied to dial plans ensuring required calls are captured.
  • Rules can be set against inbound numbers, groups or departments.
  • Swift comes with 10GB of storage on AWS for your recordings, which can give you 50,000 minutes of recordings in MP3.

Sticky Notes

  • It’s possible to send virtual sticky notes to users or post them on your screen as a personal reminder.
  • You can easily choose to show or hide any post whether you created it yourself or were sent it from another user. And there’s a handy history feature just in case you want to look up an old reminder.
swift daysaver 4g backup

DaySaver - Always Online

  • The Daysaver is a 4G based back up that kicks in within seconds of a broadband outage so you don’t lose your vital phone lines.
  • It can be used as a backup for Cloud PBX, as a backup for the cable Internet connection or even as the only Internet access for small offices.
  • Daysaver also adds the facility to receive and send SMS from your Swift system. Another way to talk to your customers from one platform.
swift call centre wallboards

Call Centre Wallboard

  • The Call Centre Wallboard allows you to monitor your agents’ activity and provides information on SLAs and KPIs helping to measure performance.
  • You can easily add call groups to monitor individual teams’ performance against SLAs.
  • It’s also simple to add call group members, monitor presence or activity by group and drill into various KPIs.
  • These comprehensive reports are included as standard in Swift.
RAMP GDPR compliant call recording

RAMP – GDPR Compliant Call Recording

  • RAMP was developed to meet the growing requirements of the market for the secure archiving and hosting of call recording files.
  • RAMP allows you to upload, store and access all of your historic call recordings on one secure yet simple platform.
  • All files are encrypted; both at rest and in transit.

Swift Licences and Pricing

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