Mobile FAQs

Mobile FAQs

If you’re struggling with any of the settings on your phone then the answer might be on this page. We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to help you with your phone.

Of course, if you don’t find the answer here, call us on 0330 440 4444 and speak to our Customer Service team.

Tips to Avoid Bill Shock

Mobile data usage is soaring, find out why and how to avoid bill shock

How to avoid bill shock on your Android, iPhone or iPad mobile devices.

Useful Tips

Voicemail set up guide for O2
Voicemail set up guide for Vodafone


If you have a problem with your BlackBerry and aren’t sure whether it qualifies as an in-warranty or chargeable repair, here are some troubleshooting tips.

IT Policies to disable WAP from BES
Blocking Applications on BES
Back up and restore your data
Device unlocking steps
Disable calendar notifications
Firmware upgrade with Desktop Manager v6.0
Remove and add email account
Using mobile internet to tether a BlackBerry
Set up Wi-Fi
Using Bluetooth


Manual Network Roam
Adding an email address

Disabling Background data
Edit APN Settings – O2
Edit APN Settings – Vodafone
Sony Ericsson X10 2.1 upgrade


Add an Email Account
How to Setup Vodafone iPhone tariffs at Network
How to Setup Wi-Fi
Manual Roam
Troubleshooting Guide_O2
Troubleshooting Guide_Vodafone
Turn off Data Roaming Abroad
How to Update your Firmware


Back up and data restore
Manual roam on a series 40
Manual roam on a series 60
Restore phone back to Factory Settings
Setting Internet and MMS settings on a Series 40
Setting Internet and MMS settings on a Series 60 Symbian