In 2013, US discount retailer Target was the victim of a massive data breach, resulting in hackers accessing the credit card details of more than 40 million customers, with another 60 million people having their personal information accessed.

There were news reports that Target had ignored warning signs that a breach may be coming, with a security blogger saying that the firm had hired a forensic investigator to establish what happened. It was said at the time that Target was keeping information from customers, with customers did not respond well to.

Customers were also panicked about the fact that some of the accessed credit cards had been sold on the black market, causing Target’s profits to fall by almost 50 per cent from the same time the previous year and its share prices to drop.

There are ways that businesses can protect against hacks of this nature, though. One of these is to implement Unified Threat Management (UTM) from WatchGuard. It can ensure that your supply chain is not vulnerable.

It is an all-in-one network security platform, offering a full-featured, scalable security appliance to suit different budgets. It is a simple process to distribute it across all networks managed by a business.

WatchGuard’s Fireware operating system is the fastest and most agile, as well as the most reliable platform in the industry, designed to run full versions of the leading security engines in every category.

Target responded quickly to placate customers, by offering a discount and free credit monitoring for affected customers. It also overhauled its security systems to identify risks.

However, avoiding this scenario altogether would have been preferable to Target. It is also advisable that companies make sure they have the right security provisions in place to ensure that they don’t have to deal with a data breach at this scale.

Arrow can help your business protect itself from data hacks by offering WatchGuard’s eight security modules.

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