Solution Briefs & Checklists

Find below a selection of Solution Briefs and Checklists to help you navigate technological changes and the modern way of working.

The Solution Brief gives you an overview of the product, a brief description of how it works and an explanation of its benefits using real-life scenarios.

The Checklists are a great way to help businesses understand their current scenario and the steps to take in order to migrate to more modern, resilient and secure solutions. 

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ISDN Switch Off Checklist:
Are you ready to make your migration?

The UK’s ISDN network is being switched off in 2025, with 169 exchanges to ‘STOP SELL’ from Jun 2021.

Use the checklist to start your migration process.

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Get the ISDN Checklist

Phone System Migration Checklist

Higher costs, a lack of flexibility and limited support for remote working may be holding many organisations’ communications back.

Use the checklist to see how many common legacy phone challenges apply to your business.


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Microsoft Teams Solution Brief

Are you wondering how best to deploy Microsoft Teams across your business?

Read our Solution Brief to find out how you can connect your people, processes and technology with Microsoft Teams.

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Get the Teams Solution Briefs

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