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Customer experience is the number one differentiator that separates the best-performing companies from the rest, ahead of price and product offering.
In the ‘Serving the Omnichannel Customer’ White Paper you will learn:

How to increase what customers are willing to pay by 16%.

  • Why customers who have had a positive experience spend up to 67% more than new customers.
  • That a bad experience on a website means that customers are 88% less likely to return.
  • How live instant messaging, chatbots, emails, WhatsApp and direct social media messaging all have their role to play in the modern contact centre.
  • Why 25% of customers utilise one to two channels when seeking customer care.

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The tools to take a Contact Centre to the next level

At the heart of a Contact Centre will be an effective phone system. Hosted solutions such as Horizon by Gamma, Scala by Arrow and Swift can offer a comprehensive range of features to ensure customers are able to get answers as quickly as possible and agents are fully informed.
These tools offer much more flexibility and scalability and come with business continuity features to ensure you can keep responding to customers, whatever happens.

Such technologies are set to be the future of how good customer experience is delivered, but the tools themselves will not be enough. Firms must also ensure they have the right support systems they need, such as consulting with expert providers, to ensure they can successfully integrate the next generation of solutions into their operations.
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Serving the omnichannel customer – White Paper

Introduction: The connected customer

The way businesses interact with customers is changing. In the modern, digital-first environment, consumers expect to be able to get in touch with firms anywhere, at any time, using whatever method they feel is most convenient to them.

The rise of devices such as smartphones has had a major role in this. Consumers now expect to be able to communicate easily via whatever channel they prefer, whether this is through a voice call, an app, on live chat or via social media. As a result, businesses need to respond to these demands with omnichannel communications and customer care solutions that offer all the options users expect.

At the same time, expectations for how any queries are dealt with are also on the rise, and tolerance for failures in this regard is low. However, this also presents a huge opportunity for brands to stand out from a crowded marketplace by offering superior customer experiences than their competitors.

Therefore, businesses that invest in the right technology and communications solutions to meet these high expectations can enjoy a wide range of benefits. With the latest technology tools, firms can not only respond more quickly to any issues their customers may have, but can also take a more proactive approach, reaching out and adjusting their strategies to address issues before they even become apparent.

Why strong customer experience matters

The evolving demands of consumers mean that going into the next decade, customer experience needs to be a top priority for every business, no matter what sector they operate in. Indeed, one study by Walker found that by the end of 2020, customer experience will be the number one differentiator that separates the best-performing companies from the rest, ahead of price and product offering.

The benefits for your business

The primary reason for boosting your customer experience efforts is the impact it will have on your bottom line, and there are a range of ways in which this can be achieved. Firstly, it can allow you to place a premium on your offerings. In fact, research by PwC suggests brands that concentrate on providing the best experience can enjoy a 16 per cent increase on what their customers are willing to pay for products and services.

There is also the boosted loyalty this provides, and this manifests in a number of ways. For starters, there’s the increased direct revenue that good experiences bring with them. Consumers who’ve had a positive experience are not only more likely to return to your brand again – thereby reducing customer churn and the associated expenses of attracting new customers – but also spend up to 67 per cent more than new customers.

Finally, of course, happy customers are also much more likely to recommend your brand to friends and family, boosting your reach and reputation by word of mouth without you having to spend an extra penny on marketing.

Offering a more personal experience

Conversely, companies that fail to meet the high expectations of today’s consumers will quickly start to see poor results, regardless of how customers choose to interact with a business. This can be seen from the earliest stages, as those people who have an unpleasant experience when using a brand’s website – which is often the first port of call for potential customers – are 88 per cent less likely to return to a business.

However, much of the customer experience will revolve around providing a more personal interaction, and this is where direct, live communications between customers and agents are so important. It’s therefore essential that businesses have the right technology solutions in place to ensure these interactions are as streamlined and easy-to-use as possible.

This means ensuring customers are not kept waiting on hold, directed through overly-complex automated branches, or passed on to agents who don’t have the resources or ability to answer their queries. Instead, employees must have the information on hand immediately to ensure the service they’re providing is relevant and personalised to the individual customer.
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