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Security Awareness Training

Your employees are your last line of defence against targeted email attacks and social engineering. Your employees are also facing a constantly evolving threat landscape. Equip them with the knowledge to identify and respond to potential security risks.

Security Awareness Training2022-02-07T14:44:30+00:00

Transform your employees into a human firewall 

 In recent years cyber attackers have shifted their focus and strategies. Instead of targeting network servers and devices, they’re targeting your employees. This calls for a similar shift to your defence. Beyond the perimeter, and extended to your people, wherever they’re based

Learning that won’t make employees switch off

Interesting and engaging content isn’t just more fun. It’s also more likely to make knowledge stick. What’s more, knowledge is power. So give your employees the knowledge and power they need to defend your organisation. With training that’s been developed, tested and refined to capture their interest. Provided in multiple formats to cater for different types of learning styles.

  •  Choose customised content to make the resources relevant to your brand, industry, and location.  
  • Employees get access to a Content Centre Marketplace, offering dozens of landing pages, simulation templates, risk-assessment surveys, and other training content.  
  • New content is added daily to keep your employees up-to-date on the latest evolving threat trends. 

Test employee vulnerability through email simulations

Simulated phishing emails are highly effective for testing employee responses to realistic email attack scenarios. The experience is delivered personally, making it memorable and enables you to gather rich feedback. In turn this helps you evaluate your vulnerability and identify gaps and adjust training plans.

  •  Set up tests that relate to real-world business scenarios – without the real-world consequences.
  • Boost individual employee threat detection skills, supporting the wider knowledge gained from training courses. 
  • The Security Awareness Training solution offers your employees simulations for Smishing (SMS/Text), Vishing (Voicemail) and Found Physical Media (USB/SD Card).

Gain valuable insights into vulnerabilities

An effective training programme isn’t complete without personalised and detailed insights. Of course, you get all this with our materials. Progress reports that help you build a greater understanding of employees’ attack awareness, uncover the gaps and risks, and demonstrate the impact to your business.

  •  Understand the different training styles and volumes needed within your organisation.
  • Track progress and development throughout the security awareness process. 
  • 16,000 data points at your disposal, to identify levels of risk at both a macro and micro level, for granular and informed support for those who need it.

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What is social engineering?2021-10-10T14:14:51+00:00

This is a form of attack which relies on human psychology rather than technology. It aims to cause human error, by tricking a user into giving out confidential information or access to your data, network, or other valuable resources. Seemingly innocuous questions, that rely on someone’s natural instinct to trust and believe who they’re talking to. 

What is security awareness training?2021-10-10T14:15:31+00:00

This educates and informs your employees and users about their role in preventing cyber attacks on your business. Through a series of activities, they’re placed in situations that mimic genuine cyber attack techniques, such as through phishing email attempts. Games and questionnaires can also be used, to gain qualitative and quantitative understanding into different employees’ awareness levels.

Why is security awareness important?2021-10-10T14:16:05+00:00

The rise in hybrid working means more employees have remote access to business-critical data, storage and infrastructure. Rather than residing behind the perimeter, this makes them more open and potentially vulnerable to hackers. Empowering them with knowledge through security awareness is the best way you can help them defend. 

Don’t existing systems such as Microsoft 365 have cyber security in place for these sorts of attacks?2021-10-10T14:16:40+00:00

Microsoft 365 does have advanced in-built security. However, some attacks rely on human error, and these often can’t be picked up by software-based defence solutions. 

How does AI-powered inbox defence work?2021-10-10T14:17:17+00:00

Our advanced inbox defence is powered by a multi-layer AI engine. This detects and blocks spear phishing and socially engineered attacks in real-time, and identifies which employees are at highest risk. This is done through machine learning and behavioural analysis, which allows the technology to understand the typical communication patterns of your email environment, flagging any anomalies as suspicious. 

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