Ericsson and Australian tech firm Telstra have demonstrated secure data encryption while in transit between the US and Australia at 10Gbps.

According to Ericsson, although encryption solutions currently exist to protect data when it is 'at rest' – which is defined as at the start and end points – its new trial has demonstrated the “advanced security that can be delivered while data is in transit”.

Ericsson explained that this means data was transmitted beyond the walls of a data centre across large networks, resulting in no impact to performance.

The firm highlighted the need to keep data secure without compromising integrity or increasing latency, pointing out that the digitalisation of business processes and rapidly rising data consumption has resulted in it now being essential at both the application and network layers.

Emilio Romeo, head of customer unit Australia and New Zealand at Ericsson, said: “This time last year Telstra and Ericsson achieved an encryption trial between Melbourne and Sydney.”

He went on to say: “We have now extended the distance from Melbourne to Los Angeles with data in transit encryption at 10Gbps, which is the typical speed used today over these distances without encryption. Ericsson brings our optical network systems expertise to progress these tests and support Telstra's path toward commercialisation of this enhanced security capability.”

Telstra executive director of international operations Darrin Webb added that the result of the test shows that data can now be encrypted while in transit across a long distance while maintaining speed and reliability.

Ericsson and Telstra also announced that they are set next demonstrate 100Gbps encryption between Los Angeles and Melbourne in the coming months.

It is hoped that this will allow businesses to perform better and enhance the experience of users looking for a secure connection.

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