Samsung’s foldable smartphone release date leaked

Samsung’s foldable smartphone release date leaked [Image: bernardbodo via iStock]
A likely release date for the Samsung Galaxy X, widely thought to be the company’s first attempt at a smartphone with a foldable screen, will be February 2019.

Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone is expected to launch in February 2019, according to a report from Korean news provider ETNews.

The report revealed that Samsung has begun final preparations for producing the foldable screen panels. ETNews explained that it is going to be "mass-producing" these panels.

According to writer Luke Edwards, the news supports a previous rumour that Samsung wants to become the first smartphone manufacturer to launch a real foldable smartphone.

Mr Edwards added that Samsung could also be producing these screens for other smartphone companies. This is because the company is a known display provider, having manufactured screens for rival Apple.

Indeed, the US company is reported to be working on a foldable device of its own, as is Huawei, LG and Motorola.

Currently, Samsung’s folding phone is expected to be called the Galaxy X. It is likely to feature a 4.5-inch front screen, with a foldable internal display of 7.3-inches.

In addition, other rumours have speculated that this may not fold in the middle, instead doing so roughly a third of the way up the screen. Mr Edwards said that “anything is possible but expect more solid facts to start leaking out soon now that the production phase has been reached”.

The news comes as Samsung readies its Note 9 for production, a device that may prove controversial as its battery is going to be boosted to a 4,000mAh, but its charging capabilities have remained the same. This is according to a well-known tipster, who broke the Galaxy Note 8 and provided the first Galaxy S8 real world photos.

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