Korean smartphone make Samsung looks set to be going all-in on the concept of the foldable smartphone, as it is said to have two more devices in the works to go alongside the recently-unveiled Galaxy Fold.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the two in development devices will each feature a different form for how they fold as the company looks to determine which design will resonate best with consumers.

While the new Galaxy Fold opens like a book to reveal a large screen on the inside, the first of the new devices will open vertically, though it will maintain the Fold' format of a large screen on the inside as well as additional display on the cover, though the outside screen may be removed depending on how consumers react to the Fold.

This is currently in the mock-up stage as Samsung looks to fine tune the design, but could get a public launch later this year, sources with knowledge of the plans said.

Meanwhile, the second device is more similar in design to Huawei's Mate X, with a single screen on the outside of the gadget that folds away from the user. This is said to be already at the prototype stage and promises a slimmer format than the Galaxy Fold, as there is no need for the second screen.

Bryan Ma, vice-president of devices research at International Data Corporation, told Bloomberg the multiple designs reflect the fact that foldable devices are still in their infancy and no-one is yet certain what the best form-factor will be.

"The time is ripe for experimentation. Many of these designs won’t be successful, but industry players will learn valuable lessons along the way," he said.

Samsung is also said to be investigating ways to improve the durability of the screen on the Fold, after the discovery that a crease may begin to appear on the panel after the device has been folded around 10,000 times. 

A source at the company suggested the firm may consider offering free screen replacement to early adopters of the Galaxy Fold if they experience this issue – another reminder that there may still be teething troubles for this new category of phones.

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