When your business needs to change, you need to be able to react fast. And this is especially true when addressing critical activities such as customer communications. To do this effectively, it pays to have a skilled, experienced partner like Arrow to help handle the transition.

This was certainly the case for estate agent Pygott & Crone when it needed to adapt to a rapidly-changing business environment. Based in Lincolnshire, the company is recognised as one of the East Midlands’ leading estate agents. Having won a range of awards for its customer experience, maintaining this high level of service was a must.

With a growing business that currently covers:

  • Ten residential sales offices
  • Two commercial-focused locations
  • Nearly 100 employees spread across the region

It is vital that team members can keep in touch with each other and customers at all times.

Addressing the need for greater collaboration tools

Until recently, the company had been running a legacy, on-premise phone system. While it allowed for features such as call forwarding and was working well for the firm’s office-based staff, the 2020 pandemic changed the landscape for Pygott & Crone.

A sudden need for home working meant employees found themselves having to improvise with workarounds such as employees physically taking handsets home with them and rerouting numbers. While the firm was able to continue operating, it was obvious that a better solution was needed, which led the company to seek out options for an up-to-date cloud hosted telephony system.

As a long-standing customer of Arrow, with a relationship going back almost 15 years, the firm knew who to turn to for help.

Pygott & Crone IT manager Gary Wand explained: “We’ve got a great working relationship with Arrow, so they’re always our first port of call with anything technical, and certainly anything comms based.”

Deploying Wildix at speed during the pandemic

The answer we offered was Wildix which is a Cloud and browser-based
Unified Communications solution.

Wildix consists of a hosted phone service accessed via web browser from an employee’s laptop, with the only hardware required being headsets, which we also provided. This softphone solution was essential in giving Pygott &Crone the agility it needed to cope in the new remote working environment.

One reason for recommending this technology was we were confident it would suit the unique needs of Pygott & Crone’s business. Our team has long experience working with companies in the same industry, so we have an excellent idea of what solutions work best for these firms and which configurations are likely to have issues.

A key challenge was how to deploy their new service in the midst of restrictions, to employees who were already at home. But we were able to do this completely remotely, with no need for on-site visits, thanks to the cloud nature of the system.

We were also able to do this at speed, with the deployment taking just three weeks from the signing of the contract to going live.

Gary Wand said: “For such a big change, it went fantastically. I’ve done big deployments in the past that were horrendous. But changing our entire phone system went flawlessly. The guys they put me in touch with who dealt with the project, planned it with almost military precision, and the rollout just went so smoothly. I couldn’t fault it at all.”

Pygott & Crone Vehicle Fleet

A transformed way of working

With the new Wildix hosted telephony system successfully rolled out to 85 users, Pygott & Crone has been able to immediately take advantage of the improved flexibility this offers.

The firm has now transformed from being a very traditional business with an office-based mindset to one that can operate from anywhere, at any time, with no loss of productivity.

Gary Wand stated: “It’s just a lot more fluid. I can be on a call on my headset on my laptop, if I need to walk off somewhere I can just press a button, the phone transfers to my mobile and I can walk out of the office. It’s the ease, you’re not tied down anymore. You can be wherever you need to be and still be productive and I think that’s the biggest thing for us.”

We were also able to ensure that despite the remote working situation, users were able to get up to speed quickly, providing a short training service via webinar to introduce the system and its capabilities. This meant all staff were able to hit the ground running from day one.

New features the firm is able to take advantage of also include greater visibility into colleagues’ status and the ability to send notes via instant messaging, which is functionality that was also important to Pygott & Crone. The firm has also been able to add tools such as call recording to boost compliance and customer service.

Gary Wand added: “I’m a sole member of the IT team, so to have more stuff online alleviates the hardware headache. All I have to do is maintain a constant broadband connection, everything else should work pretty seamlessly. The engineers are brilliant as well. If we have any issues, little glitches, they’re always at the end of the phone. You can’t fault it, it’s been just first-class.”

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