Plexal collaborates with Arrow’s Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Solution for their Technology Innovation Space.

About Plexal:

Plexal is a world-class innovation destination for technology entrepreneurs and corporations located at Here East in Olympic Park, London, the 68,000 sq ft space offers technology start-ups and scale-ups a range of flexible working areas, from open studio membership to tailor-made private offices and feature spaces including a high street, leisure park, and main square. The space is designed as a mini city using principles of modern urban planning and technology cluster.

Project Briefing:

When Arrow first engaged with Plexal the project was very much still in a conceptual design phase. Having been there at the beginning it gave Arrow time to match the technology with the ideas and ethos of the space.

Project Briefing

Having put forward various editions and numerous innovative ideas, Plexal chose Arrow to deliver an audio-visual solution for a 200 seat event space, 20 person meeting room, 10-person meeting room, two 8-person meeting rooms, four 6-person meeting rooms, five 4-person meeting room, signage solutions, communal audio solution, a six-screen visual totem wall and an interactive screen and software package for their wall of inspiration. Additionally, Plexal required signage, communal audio, interactive screens and software package for their Wall of Inspiration.

“Working with the Arrow team has been inspirational. The team are focused on providing an out-standing experience and certainly have gone above and beyond our expectations”
IT and Technology Manager, Plexal

The Result:

AV & Conferencing:

Arrow, as part of the integrated solution, implemented its cloud video conferencing product Vidyo. Vidyo is a premium, software-centric, industry-leading solution. Giving Plexal the ability to support numerous room systems, invite guests anywhere.


The two larger rooms opened up new challenges. Arrow made the larger spaces operate like the high-end functionality rooms they were, whilst maintaining a consistent feel with the smaller rooms so that any member of the Plexal team or their tenants would feel comfortable walking in and using everything with ease.

Arrow solutions implemented at Plexal
Arrow solutions implemented at Plexal