The number of phishing attacks launched by cyber criminals against their victims rose in the third quarter of the year, a new report by Kaspersky Lab has revealed.

In its Spam and Phishing in Q3 2018 report, the cyber security specialist recorded a marked upturn in phishing attacks over the three-month period, with its software helping to stop some 137,382,124 incidences of individuals being redirected to visit fraudulent web pages.

This marked a 27.5 per cent increase in comparison to the previous quarter and builds on a 20 per cent rise in this area reported by the company in its Q2 update.

Responding to the new report's findings, Nadezhda Demidova, security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, stated: "We've been witnessing a rise in the number of phishing attempts for a while now.

"Many factors influence such growth, like fraudsters' ability to keep coming up with new schemes and tricks. They also borrow the ideas from foreign 'colleagues' to use on local markets as a means of communication, which further helps their technologies develop."

Ms Demidova added that the Q3 data showed an increase in the number of attempts by fraudsters to redirect their victims with transmitters and scam-notifications, as well as by exploiting the new iPhone release as a news hook.

She concluded that "as new technological and informational updates appear, phishers begin to exploit them".

Due to the growing risk of fraudsters targeting individuals via phishing scams, Kaspersky has published a number of helpful tips to help keep people safe when being active online.

The company's recommendations include always checking the link address and if a sender's email is genuine before clicking anything in an unsolicited message.

Moreover, if individuals have a sense that something may not be right about a website or sender, they should never enter their sensitive details.

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