Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has offered another vision of what it believes the future of the smartphone will look like with the introduction of its new ‘Waterfall’ display.

The innovation extends the display around the sides of the screen, curving to 88 degrees in order to give a more immersive experience.

Combined with thinner bezels on the top and bottom and technologies such as pop-up cameras, it means a screen-to-body ratio of nearly 100 per cent.

The firm said: “Oppo engineers have also consistently pushed the screen-to-body ratio, which reached 93.8 per cent on the Find X model. 

“As the top and bottom bezels have been reduced to their limits, Oppo is striving to eliminate the left and right bezels for the maximum screen-to-body ratio. The result is Oppo’s unique Waterfall Screen.”

While the curved display on the left and right edges look similar to that found on the last generation Find X, the smartphone maker said the new Waterfall technology is “hugely different” and much more “extreme”.

This could offer users a new way to experience their phone. When viewing videos in landscape mode, for instance, Oppo said it makes users feel as if they are holding the video itself rather than a phone as there will be no visible edges.

While the firm hasn’t indicated when this technology will be available, it is expected to feature in one of its next generation flagship smartphones – possibly alongside another new innovation recently introduced by the firm – an under-display camera.

Some commentators have pointed out there may still be work to be done to ensure the usability of the device. 

For instance, it will be important for Oppo to figure out how to stop users accidentally tapping or swiping when they are holding the phone by the edges, while the firm will also have to determine how to incorporate power and volume buttons that would usually be positioned where the display now sits.

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