Researchers at the Shenzhen-based Oppo Global Research Institute claim to have conducted the world’s first 5G video call, using light technology to allow 3D images to be displayed.

According to the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, it reproduced a 3D portrait image on a remote receiver.

The demo used colour and 3D depth information collected from a structured light 3D camera on an Oppo device. This was transmitted via 5G New Radio (NR) terminal prototypes from Qualcomm Technologies and then displayed on a remote screen.

Oppo researchers said the demonstration is a milestone in showing how 5G might be applied in the real world. They said the technology is particularly relevant to immersive experiences and 3D content. These applications have potential in sectors such as tourism, gaming, industrial manufacturing and health.

They added that on a video call, the 3D imaging would allow callers to gain a new perspective based on their position and angle.

Bai Jian, director of the Hardware Research Center of Oppo Research Institute, told the Daily news: “The success of the 5G video call utilising 3D structure light technology demonstrates our innovation direction powered by the understanding of users’ need and cutting-edge technology.”

Oppo said it now plans to commercialise 5G-enabled 3D video applications in its devices, telling consumers they can expect to see these features debuted in roughly six months.

The company said it has promised to become one of the first manufacturers to launch a 5G handset next year.

It will likely face competition from other manufacturers, including Huawei, which announced at its Global Analyst Summit that it would be releasing a 5G phone in the second half of 2019. Although the company did not release many details about its plan, it did say it intends to use its own modem.

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