In 2018 Openreach announced that it planned to ‘switch off the PSTN network in 2025, which supports all the analogue and ISDN2 services.

Whilst the 2025 switch-off date itself is still a firm end-date, they have also advanced the closure of services across 169 exchanges. Included in this list are locations such as Salisbury, Broadstairs, Bromsgrove, Doncaster, Orpington and Penzance.

Salisbury Stop-Sell

From 1st December 2020 in Salisbury, you will be unable to order new analogue or ISDN phone lines OR add additional phone lines or channels to existing installations provided that your premises are served by a ‘new access technology’ such as FTTP (Fibre to the Premises).

Even if all you need is a ‘single analogue line’ for a broadband service or just to provide dial-tone into a retail store, it will not be possible to order such a service as Openreach is making those services unavailable for new supply.

What is the WLR3 Stop-Sell?

‘Stop sell’ means, that provided the customers’ premises is served by new access technology (such as FTTP or SOGEA) then any requests to order new lines, add additional capacity to existing ISDN or Analogue Auxiliary services or to provide an ADSL/FTTC connection over an existing analogue line will be rejected, and services would need to be providing using an alternative solution from Arrow such as SIP Trunks or Hosted Telephony

Stop sell is the first stage towards ‘product withdrawal’ – as previously announced Openreach intend to turn off the PSTN network completely as of the end of 2025. The exchange areas that are put on stop sell will follow an early path to product withdrawal.

Next in-line: 169 Exchanges

Openreach has recently added another batch of 51 Exchange Areas at which they are prioritising the withdrawal of Analogue & ISDN services.

As of Nov-20, this announcement brings the total to 169 Exchanges, due to STOP SELL from June and October 2021.

Contact your Arrow Account Manager to discuss your specific exchange and your options moving forward.

Migrating your services

If you are an Arrow customer in one of the ‘stop-sell’ exchanges listed then rest assured you will be contacted about the stop-sell process and the details of which lines you hold with Arrow that will be affected.

If you are not an Arrow customer, please feel free to contact us for more advice on how you might mitigate the risks to your business from this change.

It’s important to consider your connectivity options, as the only products that will survive the switch off are leased lines, FTTP and SOGEA/SOGFast (which are basically FTTC but without the analogue line part).

Consider also the impact on equipment or services that you have deployed for example Alarm Lines, Lift Lines, Call Points, Entry Phones and security cabins, all of which that might be using analogue lines for the connection to their network.

Please speak to Arrow for advice on solutions to these challenges, which may well include the provision of a mobile connection and conversion of the device to work via a SIM card.

ISDN switch-off

Still unsure what the WLR3 STOP-SELL means for you? Download our white paper to learn more about the coming switch-off.

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