The OnePlus 7 could be 5G-ready, according to the company’s chief executive and founder Pete Lau.

Talking to PC Mag at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai conference, Mr Lau said his firm would be producing a 5G smartphone next year.

According to PC Mag writer Sascha Segan, Mr Lau said OnePlus’ relationship with processor manufacturer Qualcomm will lead to his company becoming one of the first 5G mobile phone makers in the world, which will coincide with the first year 5G will be made available in the US.

He also discussed the firm’s philosophy, citing the example of the OnePlus 6's controversial screen notch. He explained that although OnePlus listens to its customers, the company tries to meet their real needs, instead of fulfilling specific specs.

Mr Lau referred to customers calling for specific battery capacities, when they were really looking for better battery life. When it comes to the screen notch, he said OnePlus had to justify its use, as well as offer a way of turning it off for those users who just could not accept it.

The OnePlus 6 was the fastest-selling smartphone in the company’s history, selling over a million in just 22 days.

Mr Lau’s announcement comes as fellow Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has said it will also be producing a 5G-ready device next year. At MWC Shanghai, the company said it is going to launch its first 5G Kirin chip in March 2019, with the 5G smartphone following that.

The company will buck the trend by using its own processor, rather than one supplied by Qualcomm.

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