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On-Premise Backup

Data has never been more important. At the same time, infrastructure has never been more complex. It’s why you need on-site backup. A way to protect and recover from loss or corruption through accident, cyber attack, or physical disaster

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Prevent data loss and minimise business downtime

There are 200,000+ reasons to choose Barracuda. That’s how many companies trust Barracuda’s backup technology to protect their data and networks. Combine our expert consultancy with a global leader in cyber security and storage.

The on-premise backup solution combines storage software, and inline de-duplication. Enabling protection of data against loss – no matter what happens. What’s more, multiple backup options make it ideal for meeting your regulatory requirements.

Defend against ransomware and disaster

If your data is held “hostage”, you can recover as quickly as you can locate the backup. It’s that simple – and all without an internet connection. What’s more, you have full control over backup frequency – there are no ongoing fees, plus your data stays portable.

  • Ransomware attacks are solved by simply removing the malware, deleting the encrypted files, and then restoring your on-site backup version.  
  • Restore backups from physical appliances, virtual servers, offsite and cloud locations.
  • On-premise Backup recovery can take as little as an hour, to boost business continuity and peace of mind.

Fast data recovery, from anywhere and any device

The growth in Office 365 offers many advantages. It also means new endpoints and vulnerabilities. That’s why Microsoft recommends using third-party backup providers. Barracuda Backup can be used for Office 365, including SharePoint and OneDrive data, plus SQL data.

  • Backed-up data can be replicated offsite, including physical locations, AWS, and Barracuda cloud storage. 
  • Spin up a virtual machine in minutes with a complete set of your data. 
  • Recover your data to a specific time, or recover a set of files.

Flexible deployment & recovery options

Not all data can be backed up in the cloud. Whether that’s because of legacy systems, governance and regulations, or simply because your strategy is to keep data on-site. That’s why Barracuda Backup offers flexible deployment options, to find the best-suited recovery option for your business.

  • Available as an all-in-one physical hardware appliance. Or as software deployed in virtual environments, for leveraging existing compute and storage infrastructures.  
  • Simple user interface and setup – easy as plugging the hardware application into your network. 
  • Protect data in the cloud, in physical, virtual and SaaS environments, even in mail servers with limited retention policies.

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With over 25 years in the business telecoms industry and an unrivalled reputation of delivering excellent, personal customer service, Arrow is one of very few companies in the UK able to provide a full telecoms, IT and energy consultancy and service proposition.

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We’re here to deliver a seamless, stable, reliable experience that your organisation can’t live without. As a Microsoft Gold partner, with our own voice platform and 25 years’ experience in Telecoms and IT services we’re perfectly positioned to do just that.


Why do I need a backup solution?2021-10-17T09:33:39+00:00

Equipment storing information can fail. Backup, whether it is local or offsite, maintains a redundant copy of an organisation’s valuable data in the event of a system failure or natural disaster as well as retains data to fulfil compliance requirements and litigation requests. With the additional copy of data, IT administrators gain the ability to easily restore important files. A backup solution for data restores is an integral part of an organisation’s disaster recovery plan.

Why can’t I use tape or an external hard drive for backups? What are the benefits of a combined local and offsite backup solution?2021-10-17T09:34:17+00:00

Tapes require the manual management of scheduling backups. Hard drives only create one instance of your data. Whether using tapes or hard drives, the stored data has no means to minimise file duplications and does not possess revision history to select the correct historical version to revert back to. Another burden is the need to regularly transport data offsite for a secondary copy in the event of a system failure or disaster. In comparison, an integrated local and offsite backup solution is easy to manage with automatic backups based on a set time, as well as the secure transfer of data offsite for disaster recovery.

How is Arrow’s On-premise backup different than other product offerings?2021-10-17T09:34:54+00:00

Our on-premise backup creates a local copy of protected data and efficiently transfers the data offsite without additional burden to production servers. With three secure copies of data and several different methods to restore an organisation’s assets, it is a comprehensive, flexible, and efficient solution to achieve your disaster recovery needs. 

Where is my data stored with on-premise backup?2021-10-17T09:35:43+00:00

Arrow’s on-premise backup combines an onsite appliance with a flexible monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription that replicates data offsite. Combining local and offsite storage provides the best of both worlds – onsite backups for the fastest restore times and secure, offsite storage for disaster recovery. 

Which companies should use on-site/on-premises backup solutions?2021-10-17T09:36:25+00:00

On-site gives companies a powerful way to protect against ransomware and other malicious threats, protecting against accidents, disasters and unexpected malfunctions. It can offer a hybrid option to be used with the cloud, as well as a way to comply with regulatory requirements around storing data. 

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