Nokia has announced it will be helping operators identify the benefits of deploying 5G and identifying those services with the potential to offer the largest return on investment (ROI).

The company said it is “leveraging its business modeling and 5G Acceleration Services capabilities to remove the guesswork from operators' 5G network evolution plans”.

According to Nokia, 5G has the potential to change a number of aspects of the way people live and work, and service providers and enterprises want to understand how it will meet their specific business needs.

Nokia said that its 5G Acceleration Services will be able to help operators and businesses work out how the move to 5G will allow them to deliver new services, which could in turn transform customer experience and potentially create new revenue streams. This will be done by using tailored modelling that reflects customer-specific needs.

According to an in-depth analysis of how 5G will perform in real networks, Nokia said it can significantly cut the cost-per-device in a smart city deployment handling millions of connected devices, including IoT sensors.

It also found that 5G can increase capacity by 40 times compared to 4G, which will make it the “only commercially viable technology for the delivery of a true immersive VR video experience to massive numbers of subscribers in high-attendance venues”.

In addition, 5G is set to deliver the “99.999 per cent reliability” and low-latency at-scale required in an Industry 4.0 environment, according to Nokia.

The company said that its research and analysis also shows how operators and enterprises will be able to capitalise on early 5G deployments to drive the best ROI.

It follows the announcement of Nokia’s commercial 5G FIRST system in February. It leverages the breadth of Nokia's network capabilities and aims to provide operators with a first-to-market advantage with the delivery of ultra-low latency and ultra-high throughput, which will go towards meeting the growing demands of people and connected devices and things.

Harold Graham, head of the 5G Business Line at Nokia, said: "With our 5G FIRST end-to-end technology platform and 5G Acceleration Services, we have a comprehensive offer that we can leverage to help operators and enterprises understand the real value of 5G in relation to their particular business needs.

“Working closely with our customers we can help them evolve their business cases and provide clear recommendations for investments on their path to 5G."

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