Nokia has said it is expanding its portfolio of ultra-broadband product and technology solutions in order to give operators what it said was “new flexibility to meet consumer demand and enhance mobile network performance as they evolve towards 5G”.

The company explained that as mobile broadband traffic keeps increasing, operators want to enhance network performance where they see the greatest demand, with first deployments typically being found in busy city centres.

In order to ensure a smooth transition to 5G, more capacity, higher speeds and varying network latency will be required to meet the needs of individuals, businesses and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Nokia said this is why it has defined a sustainable network evolution path that will allow operators to leverage existing investments and maximise assets, such as spectrum, to implement higher performance when and where it is needed in the network.

In order to achieve this, Nokia said it is adding to its AirScale Remote Radio Head portfolio, which will enable operators to increase peak performance and cell capacity while reducing space requirements at cell sites via new dual- and single-band FDD-LTE and TD-LTE radios.

These leverage carrier aggregation techniques, while addressing demand for higher output power, extending frequency band support and simplifying network rollouts.

Stéphane Téral, IHS Markit executive director of research and analysis, mobile infrastructure & carrier economics, said: "Nokia continues to deliver a sustainable path to 5G that allows operators to implement new capabilities in their network where and when they need them, ensuring the most efficient use of resources.

“A challenge for operators is to meet the ever-growing demands in busy cities and Nokia is providing a comprehensive approach to solving this."

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