What is NFC and will it change my life? The answer is yes!

What is NFC and will it change my life? The answer is yes!

Imagine a world where, using only your mobile phone, you can pay for your train journey to work, your morning coffee, book concert tickets from a poster that you pass en route, enter your office without a swipe card, pay for lunch using a voucher sent to your phone , share data with a colleague… you get the picture.

That world is almost here. We already have the technology and businesses are in the process of catching up with Google, Visa, Barclaycard and Orange all announcing plans to enable payments by NFC.

Near Field Communication is similar to Bluetooth but works within a much smaller radius, doesn’t drain your battery and is prone to less interference.

Several mobiles already include NFC and, earlier this month, one of HTC’s top executives predicted “that by 2015 there would be 500 million NFC enabled smartphones in the world”.

So get ready to say goodbye to all that plastic in your wallet, in fact throw your wallets away as the next step is the introduction of Digital IDs using biometric technology.

Unbelievably, mobile devices are set to become even more indispensable.