Wider use of FTTC will push UK up broadband charts

Wider use of FTTC will push UK up broadband charts

The wider use of Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) technology will see the UK move up the world broadband rankings, according to one industry expert.

Trefor Davies, council member at the Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA), said that as more consumers and businesses take advantage of FTTC the average speeds accessed will increase.

While the improvement will see the UK rise up the broadband league table, Mr Davies did explain that this is dependent on what other nations are doing.

"If everyone upgrades at the same pace then it won't make a difference," he noted.

FTTC is particularly useful for businesses in the UK, due to the vast speed increase it can offer to the ever-growing number of people utilising flexible working practices away from the office.

The expert highlighted that joining office networks will be a lot more stable through FTTC broadband, as well as improving connectivity to cloud technologies.

"FTTC really does bring low-cost, high-speed internet access to businesses," he concluded.