Why video conferencing is more effective than email

Why video conferencing is more effective than email

Email has become one of the most important methods of communication within the modern workplace, with employees able to send messages between themselves or to those outside of the company quickly and easily.

Non-verbal communication has become such a standard way for employees to keep in touch that recent research found that it now accounts for around 93 per cent of all communication in the workplace.

However, there is an increasing number of IT decision makers that have begun to fall out of love with email, perceiving it to sometimes be too static, informal and open to interpretation.

Indeed problems can often arise when a company relies solely on communicating through written words as they can be interpreted wrongly in terms of meaning and tone.

Such a misunderstanding can potentially cause rifts in the workforce and can even harm morale.

One solution that is proving to be increasing popular is that of video conferencing, which enables face-to-face communication with all workers and clients, even if they happen to be a long distance away.

Communication in such a way holds a number of strong benefits for employees as it promotes a level of interaction that may not have otherwise been possible.

For instance, visual communication means that it becomes easier to pick up non-verbal cues, which will help to recognise when someone is annoyed or confused, creating a better level  of understanding that encourages a better team ethos.

It also means that there is less of a risk of miscommunication, an issue that can potentially lead to a job being carried out incorrectly, or the breaking down of working relationships.

Video conferencing is also a useful tool in remote learning. According to a study in the US, 65 per cent of people claim to be visual learners, meaning they are more likely to take information on board if they are given the  chance to have someone go through it with them.

While communication is clearly the main benefit of video conferencing, there are also plenty of opportunities for businesses to save money on commutes and travel.