VoIP voicemail can benefit businesses

VoIP voicemail can benefit businesses

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology provides a host of huge benefits to businesses that implement the technology.

It can cut costs and boost efficiency and productivity, but one other positive that can come from the technology, which is often ignored when discussing the benefits of it is the voicemail feature it offers.

Missing a call or two is understandable in today's busy working environment and without voicemail businesses could find themselves in deep water, with clients and customers. Voicemail features allow employees to come and go as they please without the worry that they will lose important business if they are away from their phones for a few minutes.

Often the usual voicemail features of traditional phonelines don't cut it when it comes to providing for the needs of a modern day business.

One thing offered by VoIP is visual voicemail, meaning that it doesn't matter whether workers are operating at home, are just away from their desk, or taking a well-earned break.

VoIP providers allow staff to access inboxes from anywhere by simply logging into the account. Workers can see a visual interface with their messages and all of their customisation options.

Another benefit voicemail through VoIP offers is the ability to customise greetings. It is possible to program a busy message for any period an employee will not be able to answer the phone.

A number of VoIP providers now offer a voicemail-to-email feature, which alerts employees to the presence of a message. This means they can react quickly, hear the recording and take any necessary action without having to wait until the next day when they are back in the office.

It is also possible to receive the actual voicemail message as an email attachment through smartphones, computers and tablets and save it for later to review.

Some business VoIP providers also offer a feature that sends a fill text transcription of the voicemail message to the employee, so that it can still be picked up even if they are unable to hear the message themselves.